Kylie Cosmetics: The Original Wet Set

The original Wet Set from Kylie Cosmetics launched last summer 2017 and sold out immediately, so sadly I wasn’t able to get this. When everyone was super excited, I was even sadder that I’ve missed out. I’ve always hoped that Kylie would bring the original Wet Set back, so when she announced that she was going to bring it back I was super enthusiastic! I had to get it this time and so I did.

They’ve changed the packaging to a sleek black one, instead of the light brownish color it had first. The back has silver drippings printed on it, which looks super cool. The front has written ‘Kylie’ on it, in black shiny letters. I’m so in love with the packaging!

But when you open this baby girl it’s even more pretty! The Wet Set consists of 4 different shades, each of them is 0.39 oz / 11 g. That’s a lot of product! There’s a huge ass mirror in it as well, which is super nice.

The inside is just WOW! Privacy Please is a silvery champagne, Do Not Disturb is a pinky silver, Unbothered is a rose gold and Get A Way is a deepened champagne gold. I do think this looks the most pretty on light to medium skintone, it might be too light for darker skintones. The shades are really wearable and I like them!


This is how the colors look on my fingers. You can definitely already tell these are pigmented! This is just one dip into the palette. The product is reaaally buttery and it almost feels wet, which you can guess by the name though haha. But it really feels like it’s wet honestly. If you want to, you can even push your finger in it and it’ll make a hole in it. Kinda how it looks like when you put your finger in jelly products lol.

The swatches are out of this world! Look how pigmented they are! It’s just one dip into the palette and one swipe on my arm. I didn’t even have to put in much work to get this color payoff. I’m literally amazed! Top to bottom: Privacy Please, Unbothered, Do Not Disturb and Get A Way.


The price made me go ‘meh’ the first time I heard it, it’s $62. That’s really a lot of money. I was wondering if it was worth this money first, cause I love the Anastasia Glowkits and they’re around $40 so that’s a lot cheaper. They persuaded me when every Youtuber was like in love with this palette and that’s why I had to try it. I still think it’s quite a lot of money but it is SO WORTH IT! Kylie Cosmetics is doing more promotions lately, so you might keep an eye out and score this palette when it’s on sale.

If you live in Europe you have to keep in mind that you might have to pay a custom charge. The shipping costs are free when you order for $60 or more and if you’re domestic it’s $40 or more.

How to apply? 

Because this Wet Set has a different formula than a powder highlighter it’s a little bit different how you apply them. At least, you can still apply the highlighters with a brush but it’s a little less intense. When you apply them with your finger, they make you shine so much!

Product information

You can’t find any product information on the Kylie Cosmetics website but they don’t test their products on animals and a lot of products are vegan (I don’t know if everything if vegan though).
You can buy Kylie Cosmetics ONLY on their website:

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