Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review

Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review

It’s finally here, the Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection! After my first package got lost, they’ve sent me a replacement and after waiting 4 weeks it finally arrived! Let’s dive into this review.
The Weather collection is a special one because as you all might now, Kylie is a mom since February! Her little baby girl Stormi was her inspiration for this collection. The Weather collection is storm themed, with flashlights everywhere and colors which make you think about a storm. Super awesome! I did order a few products… let’s swatch them!

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Pressed Powder Highlighter palette

Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review ⋆ Beautymone

First we’ve got the Pressed Powder Highlighter palette. The packaging is so cute! It has little clouds on it and some of them are soft. It a grey palette with different kinds of grey, which I like and really suits the storm theme.

Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review ⋆ Beautymone

The inside has a mirror and the 4 pretty highlighters in it. From left to right: Cloud 9 is a shimmering gold, Stratus is a shimmering silver champagne, Daydream is a shimmering bronze with silver glitter and Golden Hour is a pale gold. Net weight / pods net 4 X 3.1 grams / 4 X 0.11 oz.


The left one is natural light and right one is with flash light. Pretty! It’s another formula than her Wet Set but it’s probably the same formula as her Kylighters. The highlighters are pigmented and buildable. The shades I can wear as highlighters are Cloud 9 and Golden Hour, the shade Stratus is more like a blush topper for me and Daydream is too dark for me to wear as a highlighter or blush topper but I would use that one as a eyeshadow for sure. I really like this highlighter palette but if I have to compare it to the Wet Set, I like the Wet Set more to be honest.

Nova and Cosmic matte lipsticks

I also bought two lipsticks, Cosmic and Nova. The yellow packaging is Cosmic and the blue one is Nova. Cosmic is a muted taupe and Nova is a warm rose. These lipsticks are the first matte lipsticks Kylie ever released so I was excited to try them! The colors are pretty, but Nova is my favorite. It’s a really gorgeous nude color, love it! One thing I didn’t like so much is that both of the lipsticks are really dry. It wasn’t easy to apply them. I used them on my lips without any lipprimer and it didn’t look very good. When I applied them with a lipprimer it looked way better and it was a bit easier to apply but it was still very dry. At least, they lasted really long during the day! They’ve survived food and drinks for hours.

Here are the swatches! They are really pigmented as you can see. Top one is Nova and bottom one is Cosmic. Left one is with natural light and right one is with flash. 1 Matte Lipstick contains 0.12 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.5 g.

Flash Gloss

The packaging is holographic, sooo awesome! I love how they’ve written ‘Kylie’ with a little thunder in the name. This gloss is called Flash and it’s a shimmering holographic pink. This color is literally so pretty! I don’t have anything in my collection what looks like this. It’s definitely a color what’s out of my comfort zone due to the holographic vibes but I like a little challenge.

The bottom one is Flash gloss. The left one is natural light and the right one is with flash. It wasn’t easy to picture this one, it’s way more holographic in real life! 1 Gloss contains 0.11 fl oz./oz. liq / 3.0g.

Product information 

In the meantime, some things are sold out already. You can still buy the highlighter palette, both the eyeshadow palettes, both the glitter eyes and the yellow eyeliner. The only real website is


The highlighter palette is $44, the lipsticks are $18 each and Flash gloss is $16.

Hope to see you next time loves,

Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review ⋆ Beautymone

See you next time loves!
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Kylie Cosmetics The Weather Collection | Review

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