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I definitely did not see this Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain collaboration coming and that made the surprise even cooler. Kylie Cosmetics never collaborated with a fashion brand or any other person/brand than her sisters, so I actually think this collaboration is awesome. The palette is very colorful and it’s something Kylie never did before too so I had to see myself if I liked all the products in this collection. 

The Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain collection is made by Olivier Rousteing, who is the creative designer of Balmain, and of course Kylie herself. The whole collection contains a Lip Kit, a High Gloss, and an Eyeshadow Palette. These products were inspired by the Balmain collection which was shown at the Paris Fashion Week in September. All the models were wearing this collection during the show, which I think is so awesome.  

The packaging is inspired by Paris street art and I think it matches the products and shades in this collection very well. 

Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain Collection

Kylie Cosmetics X Balmain Collection | Review And Swatches

The Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain Collection is a limited edition collection. In the meantime, this collection sold out and isn’t available anymore. I don’t think this collection is going to come back, however, Kylie Cosmetics might make some of the products in this collection part of their permanent collection. Check out their Instagram page & give them a follow to stay updated on restocks and new launches. 

The products in this collection: 

  •  Lip Kit in the shade Paris – $29.
  •  High Gloss in the shade Model Behavior –  $16. 
  •  Balmain 9-Pan Eyeshadow Palette – $42.

The products in this collection were also available in a bundle. This way you would have gotten a little discount when you buy all the products. The bundle retailed for $75 (valued at $87). 

Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain Swatches

Kylie Cosmetics X Balmain Collection | Review And Swatches
Top to bottom:
Close the Show (metallic shimmering peach with fuchsia shimmer)
Model Type (metallic pewter silver glitter )
Attitude (matte warm lilac)
Main Event (matte neutral soft brown)
City of Love (metallic mint green with silver shimmer)
Night Out (metallic sweet pink with violet shimmer)
Top Model (matte warm rose)
Catwalk (metallic dusty rose mauve with silver shimmer)
PFW (metallic royal purple with pink and aqua blue shimmer)
Kylie Cosmetics X Balmain Collection | Review And Swatches
Top to bottom:
Model Behavior (cotton candy pink with multi-dimensional Pearls)
Paris lip liner (a soft chocolate nude)
Paris matte liquid lipstick (a warm blushing pink)

Let’s start off with this eyeshadow palette. I have to say that I’m impressed with the matte shadows. Sometimes, the mattes in a Kylie Cosmetics palette are a bit inconsistent. In this palette, all the mattes were super easy to apply and very pigmented.

I was slightly disappointed with the metallics. I do think they’re very pretty but I actually expected them to be more glittery and pop a bit more. However, they perform very well and are pigmented too so other then I expected something else, everything is looking so good. The purple shadow PFW is my favorite shade in the palette!  

I don’t think I would use this palette alone. I think it’s perfect to mix and match with other palettes in my collection! 

As you might know, Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses are my favorite glosses ever! I truly love this formula and I own all the High Glosses. The picture above isn’t super sharp but this way I could show you the multi-dimensional pearls a bit better. This one might be my new favorite out all of them, it’s so pretty! 

I also love how this lip kit has a darker lip pencil! Kylie Cosmetics did this for the first time when they created Kylie’s perfectly nude lip, called ‘Kylie’. But she’s now doing this more often. You can wear the matte shade alone for a gorgeous warm pink lip, or use the lip liner with it to create another lipstick look. Actually, you’ll get two lipsticks in this kit. I love the shade!

Moreover, Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick formula is and will be my favorite formula out there so I’m 100% enthusiastic about this. It stays on like forever (even when swatching this, I need to was my arm 3 times and you’ll still see the color lol) and it’s not drying at all.  

I’m happy with this Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain Collection and I can’t wait to play around with it even more. 


  1. I agree with you on the lip kit – I love pairing a darker liner with a lighter lip pierced! The gloss looks so gorgeous, too! ✨

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