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In the past couple of weeks, so many (great) things happened and this made me realise I just lost a bit of control over my life. I mean, my rooms are a mess and it’s really time to get everything organized again. That’s why I’m doing a Life Admin Day #3 (it’s the third one in my series) to make sure I’m getting things done and feel organized again.

I’ve written two Life Admin Day blog posts before, which you can check out Life Admin Day #1 here and Life Admin Day #2 here if you want too. This kind of blog post idea is inspired by Youtuber muchelleb. She’s always motivating me to do stuff when I do not really feel like it through her Youtube videos. I really love her Life Admin Day videos so much that I wanted to do these myself too, but in a blog post way. 

The tips Michelle gave in her video are:

  • Appointments: how’s your car doing? Do you need to see a doctor, dentist, psychologist? When was your last nails/hair/brows appointment? Do you need to plan a new appointment any time soon?
  • Organizing: how is your desk looking? Do you need to declutter/organize? Do you have enough stationery? Are there any things you need?
  • Upcoming events: do you have any events coming up? Do you need to start planning for them? Are there any emails you still need to reply to?

By the way, it’s okay if you won’t be able to do all these things on your list in one day. It’s important to just do them and if you need to plan 2 days or even more, that’s totally fine. If your most productive in the morning, you can plan to do your tasks on different mornings. All is up to you, as long as you keep yourself to it.

Life Admin Day | Getting Things Done

Life Admin Day #3 | Getting Things Done
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I’ve started the day with a brain dump to gather all the things that are making me feel restless and things I really want to do but keep procrastinating. After this brain dump, I split all my thoughts into the three categories to have a good overview of what I need to do and in which category it belongs.  After organizing my brain dump, this is how it looks: 


  • Hairdresser appointment to get highlights and to cut my hair


  • Declutter my makeup vanity
  • Declutter my wardrobe
  • Declutter my closet with paperwork/bills/books/and more 
  • Organize my makeup vanity
  • Organize my wardrobe
  • Organize my closet with paperwork/bills/books/and more
  • Organize my skincare products
  • Looking for bins/drawers/trays to make my rooms look more organized 

Upcoming Events

  • I’m starting my new job very soon so I need to fill in paperwork and stuff related to that
  • I just bought a new car and need to fix insurance, tax and more 
  • Just got my own credit card; make sure everything works 

Blog related 

  • Make planning for the whole week to organize when I do what so I can stick to that planning every week
  • Check my mails
  • Write a couple of blogposts 
  • Shoot pictures for blogposts
  • Schedule a lot of pins 
  • Create my Instagram pictures 

So that’s quite a list with to do’s for my Life Admin Day #3. I’m not going to pressure myself and if I fix everything in a couple of days, it’s fine too. Let’s start with the easiest tasks! 

I just called my hairdresser to make an appointment to dye my hair and also cut it. That’s the only appointment I need to make for now. Then I went over to the category Upcoming Events since these are very important tasks and pretty easy to do. I signed my contract, fixed my insurance and taxes for my car and my credit card is up and working. 

Both the Organizing and Blog Related catogories aren’t quick tasks. I started with writing this blog post and charging my photo camera at the same time. When this blog post is done, I’ll be starting shooting pictures for other blog posts. I already checked my e-mail quickly and made sure it’s organized. This has been a bit of multitasking but I like doing that, so I can do multiple tasks pretty much at once. 

Once I have taken my photos, I’ll be writing one or two blog posts and then I’ll start with decluttering. This is going to be a bigger task and I won’t be able to finish all the decluttering and organizing in just one or two days. I think this is going to be a bigger project, but it just has to be done. 

There are still a couple of blog tasks to do for me to totally finish my Life Admin Day #3, but I’ll figure that out another day. Still pretty soon though, because I want this to be done before I start my new job. 

I hope you liked my Life Admin Day #3 and I hope it gave you some inspiration and motivation to getting things done yourself! 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone 


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  1. 8.21.19

    Love days like these for getting organized – hope all the decluttering went well! Will you be sharing a post on your declutter??

    • 8.21.19

      I think I’ll be sharing a post about my declutter! I gathered a lot to write about lol