Life Admin Day Explained: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

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I love a Life Admin Day since the moment I started frequently doing them. You might’ve heard from a ‘Life Admin’ day before but maybe you don’t exactly know what it means or maybe you are looking for a productive way to get those Life Admin tasks done? Either way, I’m positive you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this post. 

What is Life Admin Day?

Let’s start off with the dictionary explanation of Life Admin, which is the following: “Refers to one’s personal day-to-day chores that are of an administrative nature. This includes tasks such as personal banking, making appointments, paying your bills, responding to personal emails.”

Elizabeth Emens wrote a book, The Art Of Life Admin,  which aims to address all that. Author Elizabeth Emens explains: “Life admin is all the office-type work that fills our minds and fills our time on a daily basis, and around big life events.

“So it’s both the kind of work that secretaries or admins do – faxing and calendaring and filling out paperwork – and it’s the kind of work that managers do – delegating and deciding and then keeping track of all the things that need doing. Things that are often invisible in our daily lives.”

Basically, Life Admin tasks are most of the time things you keep procrastinating on. It’s super easy to shove these tasks away because “you’re not feeling it today” or because “I’ll do it later”. I think you know what I mean lol. We just don’t like these tasks but, either way, they have to be done. 

This is where a Life Admin Day comes in handy. A Life Admin Day basically means that you’ll block a full day to do all of the things you need to do, want to do, things you were procrastinating on, etc. 

But just getting started on the tasks you’ve been avoiding for a while can be a struggle. Also, not every person is the same. It’s important to reflect on which type of ‘Life Adminner’ you are in order to get yourself motivated. 

What type of Life Adminner are you?

According to Elizabeth Emens, there are four types of Life Adminners. “The ‘super-doer’, ‘reluctant-doer’, ‘admin avoider’ and ‘admin denier’,” she explains. “The idea is that the first two, the super-doer and the reluctant-doer are basically doing it or getting it done, and the last two, the admin avoider and the admin denier, are mostly not getting it done, and the difference is how they feel about it.” 

Perhaps the names of these types resonate for you or someone came to mind when reading this. Either way, it might be very interesting to read more about these personality types reflect on which type you are.

The basic differences among the four personalities involve variations of action and feeling: whether a person’s basic orientation is toward getting admin done or not getting it done (the action element) and how a person feels about the state of admin in her life (the feeling element). 

– Article by Girlboss.

I won’t be going into these four types too deep. If you would like to read more about them, I recommend reading The Art Of Life Admin. Here’s a quick description of all four types. 

Super Doer

The Super Doer is on top of admin. She is the Wonder Woman who promptly supplies recommendations of every kind ​to her family and many friends (and even strangers), plans gatherings and trips for everyone, and remembers (or has a system for remembering) birthdays, even while successfully managing her demanding job or household or both.

Reluctant Doer

The Reluctant Doer feels that the to-do list is endless—and that she is always several steps behind. No major disasters befall her or her family through admin failures. The important stuff generally gets done—she is a Doer, after all​—but sometimes it’s late, and often it’s last-minute.

Admin Avoider

The Avoider is trying to escape admin. She leaves email unanswered and regular mail unopened. She has faced late fees and worse due to her admin avoidance. She generally thinks of this “stuff” as something she’s bad at. 

Admin Denier

The Admin Denier, by contrast, doesn’t think there’s a problem. The Denier is the free spirit who racks up credit-card debt. The Denier is also the successful professional who has always had someone—​an assistant, a parent, a spouse—​who takes care of all her admin, so she never has to see it or even really know about most of it.

Life Admin Day Explained: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Now that we know which type of Life Adminner we are, it’s time to actually start with a Life Admin Day. A full day for life admin tasks will help avoiders and super-doers. If you block a full day the avoiders can’t avoid anymore and the super-doers don’t have to spend every evening doing life admin tasks immediately. 

Also, be prepared to change. You might be one ‘type’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose to – or won’t be forced to (let’s face it, the Admin Denier could come across something like this) – change to another. It’s okay to change, and it can be something you embrace over time. 

What to do on a Life Admin Day?

I mean, it’s obvious that you’ll do life admin tasks on this day but the easiest way to start this day is to start off with a brain dump and then categories everything. You’ll see that you probably have at least these three main categories: 

  • Appointments: how’s your car doing? Do you need to see a doctor, dentist, psychologist? When was your last nails/hair/brows appointment? Do you need to plan a new appointment any time soon? 
  • Organizing: how is your desk looking? Do you need to declutter/organize? Do you have enough stationery? Are there any things you need? 
  • Upcoming events: do you have any events coming up? Do you need to start planning for them? Are there any emails you still need to reply to? 

Don’t be afraid to put literally everything that crosses your mind on (digital) paper while doing a braindump. You want to have all the tasks that you have been procrastinating on in one place so you could start organizing from there and actually getting things done. It’s totally fine if you won’t be able to do all the tasks in one day though, but be aware of planning another life admin day if you need it. 

Once you did a brain dump of all the life admin tasks and organized them in categories, it’s time to take action. I would recommend doing the easiest/quickest things first since that’ll make you feel satisfied and more motivated to continue. If you need some extra motivation, you can set a timer and try to complete one category within the time frame you gave yourself. 

If you’re curious to see how my life admin days look like, please check out my posts What To Do On A Life Admin Day and Be Productive With A Life Admin Day

What type of Life Adminner are you? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below! 


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  1. 2.14.20

    Oh, my how helpful!!! I struggle with getting all of these tasks done! I am a work from home mom and most people think my days full of time to do all the things others struggle to do because of work. It makes sense, though I should have more time! Let me tell you this post was super helpful because now I don’t feel so bad, and I recognize that I need to do a brain dump, plan better and take a day to handle it all instead of being overwhelmed to spread it out!

  2. 2.15.20

    This is so interesting to me! I definitely think I’m the reluctant doer type. I could benefit from life admin days more often! I want to check out the book you recommended now. Feeling very motivated after reading! Thank you for sharing!

    • 2.15.20

      Yay, I’m so happy to hear you feel motivated! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  3. 2.15.20

    I feel like I have transitioned in life – I started off as an Admin Denier, but now I would describe myself as a Super Doer. I think, to a degree, that came with age.

    • 2.15.20

      I think age is an important part of transitioning! When you get older, the more responsibilities you get and most of the time this will help in transitioning in a Super Doer or Reluctant Doer. However, some people don’t go through that transition or they just need some help transitioning 🙂