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Nothing really sparked my attention from MAC until they released their MAC Glow Play Blushes. It didn’t take a while before those cream blushes became super hyped and loved in the beauty community so they quickly ended up on my wishlist. As of lately, I’m extremely into cream blushes and it seems like I think I need to collect them all (kinda Pokemon vibes…. lol) so eventually, I picked up 2 shades to test out & share my thoughts on with you.

As I’m a sucker for sales, once the Glow Play blushes were 25% off at my local store I knew this was the perfect time to snatch 2 of the shades. I mean, this is actually just an excuse to buy them right? Oh well… I just wanted them and a little discount doesn’t hurt, right? 🙂 The shades I got are “Blush, Please” and “Grand”.

Mac Glow Play Blush,Cream Blushes

The MAC Glow Play Blushes retail for $30 and they contain 7.3G / 0.26 OZ each. It’s supposed to be an innovative bouncy blush with a cushiony texture that provides a pinch of foolproof, sheer-to-medium buildable color. I personally agree with what they’re promising. It’s a buildable formula, does look very natural and healthy, and stayed on all day.

As I said before, these are cream blushes so if you’re more into powder blushes, this might not be your product. However, if you’re not into cream blushes because they require another application or you’re scared of cream formulas because you don’t know how to work with them: I promise you, these MAC Glow Play blushes are so easy to work with, it’s a great product to start trying cream blushes and you don’t have to be scared at all because you can easily fade out the color if necessary.

Caution: MAC Cosmetics is not considered cruelty-free. Even though they say they’re cruelty-free, their products are sold in mainland China where animal testing is required by law. Moreover, it’s uncertain if their ingredients are tested on animals or if their suppliers test on animals. Want to read more about this? Click here.

MAC Glow Play Blush Swatches

I included the MAC Cream Blushes in my Favorite Cream Blushes post I did a while ago. Because they’re really really good and worth the hype. I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding new colors to my collection in the future. T

One of the reasons I didn’t purchase any MAC products for a while now is that they’re not cruelty-free and they’re not transparent about it either. They’re even telling customers they are cruelty-free, even though they sell their products in China. It could be that MAC is cruelty-free in Europe and/or the US but it’s just not certain. It holds me back from buying products but I’m still struggling with staying completely cruelty-free. I really hope MAC becomes truly cruelty-free and transparent about their policies in the future though because I do love their products a lot.

If you’re looking for other brands with similar or even better quality cream blushes, I recommend checking out the Tower 28 Cream Blushes as well as the Fenty Beauty Cream Blushes.

Are you into cream blushes? Which one(s) is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. They last all day on me! No need to touch up. 🙂 They’re indeed a bit pricey, I personally like to wait for a sale to get some money off haha.

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