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  1. Simone, I love your blog! It’s so beautiful! I didn’t bother trying MBM because of the bad reviews. I admire your photos and the work you put into your blog, however. That’s not disappointing. ☺️ Thanks for putting this together and sharing with us.

  2. I totally did not know this brand existed! And while it sounds like a lot of it I probs don’t need, those eye pencils look STUNNING!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. When I first heard the negative reviews I was taking them with a grain of salt, I was like “oh well, I can’t be that bad” but I think I should’ve listened to them instead of ordering almost all the products haha. Lesson learned though!

  3. I bought the Master Mattes palette and was so disappointed. I loved the palette he did with ABH, and assumed the quality would be on a par. The only product tempting me is the eye liners. Overall, it seems like a flop! x


  4. Wow I am so excited to read your review on the Makeup By Mario collection! Those glosses are really catching my eye. I hadn’t really seen very many people post about them. I also am intrigued by the master mattes palette. It sounds like the collection is hit or miss!


    1. I haven’t seen many reviews about this collection either so I had to try it out myself! True, the products really are a hit or a miss!

  5. That’s such a shame that his brand didn’t deliver promising results. From your swatches alone, I feel like I can agree with you on every single point. The only products that stood out to me were the Pro Pencils, which do sound and look unreal tbh. Thank you for being so honest in your review, though!

    1. I hate to talk negatively about a brand and especially Mario’s because he’s one of my favorite makeup artists but sadly he just didn’t deliver the results I was hoping for!