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    1. It really is an easy way to implement and maintain a more sustainable beauty routine which I think is awesome and very doable for everyone!

  1. I have such cleaning cloths from Ebay and I like them very much 🙂 A nice alternative to make-up remover wipes ??

  2. Oooo this was an interesting read. I’ve used a lot of products like this in the past but I honestly just find using a flannel/muslin cloth and a cleansing balm or oil does the best job at removing makeup. I definitely appreciate that this cloth is machine washable and reusable, though. Makeup wipes are not only bad for your skin but they’re bad for the planet too! The fact that this cloth is super soft is amazing though, it must feel a lot kinder to your skin!

    1. It’s so soft to your skin which I really love! I like to double cleanse after I used this cloth though so I always go in with a cleansing balm or face wash, whatever I’m using at that moment haha.