Makeup haul | November 2018

So I have been shopping lately and bought some nice products I wanted to show you. I’ve spent so much money already this month and I’m planning on spending even more (hello Holiday Collections and Black Friday!). I’m so excited to show you everything I bought and I will be showing everything I’m going to buy too! Let’s start off with this mini makeup haul.

The products I’ve got are products I’ve been wanting for super long but some products I just needed a backup for. Anyway, I was super excited when everything arrived. Sadly one of the products I bought and wanted to share with you in this haul didn’t arrive yet… but I’ll still share some (internet) pictures today. Moreover, I’m going to fully review these products in the next couple of weeks. For now, I’m just showing you what I’ve got! Let’s start. 🙂

The products I’ve bought are:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Sultry’ eyeshadow palette
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Wiz’ in medium brown
  • Kylie Cosmetics ‘Kylie’ Lip Kit
  • Kylie Cosmetics ‘Queen’ Lip Kit
  • Kylie Cosmetics ‘Ivory’ concealer
  • Kylie Cosmetics ‘High Gloss’ lipgloss bundle
  • Kylie Cosmetics ‘Todd Kraines’ Lip Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills products

As you can see, I’ve bought 2 ABH products recently. My local store, Douglas, had a little sale going on and I was able to get both these products with a 25% discount. The Brow Wiz is just a backup since I love this eyebrow pencil. The Sultry palette is on my wishlist since September and I’m so happy I finally got it! Let me show you guys some close-ups.

The Brow Wiz pictures aren’t that spectacular. I got the shade Medium Brown since it matches my brows very good and I just needed a backup because I never want to run out of brow pencils lol. However, the Sultry palette is something else. I’ve been wanting this for so long and omg the packaging is out of this world! I love how sparkly it is and the actual palette is sparkly as well (not just the carton packaging) yay! The inside is very pretty, I love the cool toned colors in this palette.

Kylie Cosmetics products

As you can tell, I did a pretty good shopping spree at Kylie Cosmetics haha. Sadly not all of my items are here yet but I still wanted them in this blog post so you know there’ll be a review soon. Let’s start off with the products I already received.

I’ve got a backup concealer in the shade ‘Ivory.’ This concealer formula is my favorite formula ever! The shade matches me very good and I sometimes even use this concealer as a foundation, which works perfectly as well. Then I got two new Lip Kits, ‘Kylie’ and ‘Queen.’ I was super excited for these two because they have a slightly different formula than the other Lip Kits. So I really wanted to try them out, because I already love Kylie’s matte formula but is it better now? You’ll see in my review soon.. 🙂 Also these are the first Lip Kits I’ve got in the new black packaging and I really love how it looks!

The products that didn’t arrive yet

So I ordered even more from Kylie Cosmetics but sadly I didn’t arrive in time for this blog post. I’m using pictures from Kylie herself.

I also bought the whole High Gloss Bundle and Todd Kraines Velvet Lip Kit. I’m super excited about these products to arrive! Moreover, I’ve never been a gloss girl before but I’m loving gloss lately so I’m most excited for the glosses to add to my collection! You’ll see a review very soon!

Did you buy any new products this month? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

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