Favorite Products of August | Monthly Faves 2018

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To be honest, I have to admit that my favorite products change like every month or so. Moreover, when I buy new products old faves are getting replaced by new faves. So I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite products from this month. I have been using these products almost every day and I think it’s definitely worth mentioning them.

Since I love using make-up, I play a lot with different brands and products. So some of my favorites get replaced by now products. I sometimes even refind old favorites which become a favorite again. I like how this works and how you always have some favorite products which you’ll be using the most. As I already said, I think my favorites change frequently but I still really want to point these amazing products out. That’s why I would like to start this new monthly series.

This blog post is about the products I used most in August, which has just ended. The products I mention in this blog post have been my go-to products and I’ve used them almost every day. I’m very curious to see if next Monthly Faves is going to be very different or not haha. Let’s see what products I liked the most this month.

Kylie Cosmetics Champagne Showers highlighter 

This one has been my number one favorite product the past month. However, I didn’t even have this highlighter whole August. I think it arrived around August 16. From the moment it arrived, it has been my favorite highlighter! I’ve been using the Kylie Cosmetics Champagne Showers highlighter every single day and I’m so in love. I think it looks absolutely stunning on my skin tone. Moreover, it’s very natural looking but still very glowy. This highlighter was a limited edition for the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection 2018 but I really hope she’ll make it permanent because I can’t imagine life without this highlighter haha.

Kylie Cosmetics Sipping Pretty Palette

The second product is also a Kylie Cosmetics product and it’s also from the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection 2018. It’s the Sipping Pretty Palette. Besides the highlighter, I have also been using the eyeshadow palette every single day since it arrived. Since this palette has 21 shades, you can easily make a lot of stunning eye looks with it. I love playing around and also mixing it with other palettes that I like. As an example, I’ve mixed the Sipping Pretty palette with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette and the Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet palette. I love combining these palettes!

Garnier Skin Active products

Favorite Products of August | Monthly Faves 2018 ⋆ Beautymone

So my skin wasn’t really looking good lately. I’ve had some pretty bad acné and I felt really insecure. The skincare products I had been using weren’t really working for me at the time so I thought I needed some new products. I have been using the Garnier Micellair water since forever and I really like that so I bought some Garnier skincare to match with that. I bought a fash wash, a face scrub (for like 1-2 times per week), a tonic and a night cream. These products have been doing wonders for my skin! It cleared up my acné a lot and it makes my skin feel super soft. However, it’s pretty strong stuff so if you’re having a dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this. I have an oily T-zone and I only use the tonic in that area. All the other products I have been using all over my face. I’m really satisfied with how it works and all the products in this line are definitely new favorites!

Colourpop No Filter Foundation

When I bought this, I was super insecure about my skin (see above, the acné was pretty bad) and I wanted to give this affordable foundation a go. I have been loving it every day so far. It looks super natural, isn’t cakey and covers red spots and pimples. You might’ve read my review, where you can see how it looked on my face and my overall opinion. But I’m just in love with it and I feel like I won’t replace this foundation anytime soon!

Kylie Cosmetics Coconut lipliner and Bare velvet liquid lipstick

Favorite Products of August | Monthly Faves 2018 ⋆ BeautymoneFavorite Products of August | Monthly Faves 2018 ⋆ Beautymone

Left picture is from www.kyliecosmetics.com 

Another Kylie Cosmetics product! You can definitely tell it’s my favorite brand I guess haha. I just really loved this lip combo since I discovered it. The first time I saw this combo, was on Kylie and I loved it so I tried it. I immediately fell in love with this combo. It’s a pretty pale pink nude lip and it’s just stunning. I would really recommend this combo if you are looking for a nude lipstick + lipliner combination. By the way, you can get Bare as a lip kit (which comes with a lipliner and liquid lipstick in the same color) or you can buy it as a single. It’s also available as a single matte version if you would like a matte lip more.

That’s it for this Monthly Faves! I hope you like blog post like this. Let me know what you think and what your favorite products are in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

See you next time loves!

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Favorite Products of August | Monthly Faves 2018