My Black Friday Haul!

I’ve been excited about this blog post for so long. I couldn’t wait to buy a lot from my wishlists and to share the damage with you. All my packages are finally arrived and so it’s time to share with what I’ve bought on Black Friday! 

I have been saving money for Black Friday for such a long time, so I was able to get a lot of products I really wanted. Before Black Friday I made a list so I knew exactly which products to buy if they were discounted. These are the products I bought: 

Kylie Cosmetics 

  • Kylie Cosmetics Empty Palette
  • Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette
  • Kylie Cosmetics Summer Palette
  • Kylie Cosmetics Single Shadow in Topaz
  • Kylie Cosmetics Single Shadow in Party Time
  • Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Miami 

KKW Beauty

  • KKW Beauty Nude 1 Lipstick
  • KKW Beauty Nude 3 Lipstick 
  • KKW Beauty Highlighter 1 Palette
  • KKW Beauty Contour Stick 

Morphe Brushes

  • Morphe Setting Mist 
  • Morphe Highlight & Contour Sponge
  • Morphe E14 brush
  • Morphe M124 brush
  • Morphe M441 brush
  • Morphe M433 brush 

Anastasia Beverly Hills 

  • Single Pressed Shadow in Caramel 
  • Single Pressed Shadow in Rose

MAC Cosmetics

  • Powder Lipstick in Sultriness

Fenty Beauty

  • Stunna Lip Paint lipstick in Uncuffed

Today’s blog post is going to be more pictures than text because I won’t review the products yet. In the upcoming weeks, I will review them so keep an eye out on my blog so you can see an in-depth review! 

Kylie Cosmetics

Of course, I had to buy Kylie Cosmetics! As you all might know it’s my favorite brand and I waited with buying products just to get them with some discount. 

I was so excited to get these products! I have been waiting a while and I’m so happy they’re finally here. I think I was most excited about the empty palette because I wanted to build my own favorite palette. So I also bought 2 single shadows I really love to put in the palette. I’m going to show you some close-ups from everything I bought: 

The Burgundy Palette

The Summer Palette

Matte Lipstick in Miami

Anastasia Beverly Hills

When the Amrezy highlighter went on sale, Anastasia Beverly Hills still had a good discount on their single shadows. Since I just bought a new empty palette, I just had to get another 2 single shadows but this time from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I didn’t include the Amrezy highlighter in this blog post because it wasn’t a Black Friday sale but I will review it very soon!

Fenty Beauty

I haven’t bought any new Fenty Beauty products since a year ago but it was time to try out the Stunna Lip Paint. Recently, Fenty Beauty came out with some nude shades so I had to get Uncuffed. This isn’t really a true nude on me but it’s still a very natural color and I love it!

Morphe Brushes

So I have been wanting to buy new brushes for so long but I just didn’t really know where to start. Moreover I needed a new sponge. So I watched several tutorials from my fave Youtuber Nicol Concilio and bought brushes she used. I ended up buying 4 brushes, the setting mist and a new sponge. 

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is one of the brands which have my favorite lipsticks. When I heard from their new Powder Kiss lipstick, I knew I had to try it! So I started with just one shade. 

KKW Beauty

These products have been on my wishlist for ages! I’m so happy they’re mine now! Moreover, this is the first time ever I’m going to try crème contour. Can’t wait to try everything. 

Highlighter Palette

Lipsticks Nude 1 and Nude 3

Créme Contour stick

That’s it! I went crazy right? haha! What did you buy? Let me know in the comments! 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone

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