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It’s already December, which means that the year is almost over and it’s time for a fresh new year. So people find it stupid to set goals for the new year, I still think it’s fun to do! If you want to find out what my goals are for 2019, then keep on reading!

I love setting goals for the new year since it keeps me motivated and inspired. But most importantly, I don’t want to give myself pressure but I just want my goals to be fun and good for my health. I’ve been thinking about the goals I want to set for 2019 and I’m ready to share them. 

My 2019 Goals:

  • Getting my degree: my number one goal for 2019 has to be graduating. I’m so ready to finally have my Bachelor’s degree! I have been working (and I still am!) really hard to reach this goal and hopefully, in July 2019 I’ll be graduated. 
  • Go to the gym: looks like a simple one but to me, it isn’t. 2018 has been a pretty difficult year for me and my health. Due to the fact, my health wasn’t that good I just couldn’t go to the gym. Right now, I’m finally getting better step for step and so I want to start going to the gym again. I’m going to start off with once a week and I hopefully can build this up to more times a week. 
  • Eating healthy: Also due to the fact my health wasn’t good, I used food to comfort me. That’s a really bad habit I want to change in 2019. I really want to eat healthy again! 
  • Treat myself when I deserve it: I find it hard to be proud of myself and mostly putting myself down. The last couple of months have been changing the way I think and I’m getting a little bit more proud about myself. Since I really want that feeling to grow, I want to treat myself when I deserve it. I normally never treat myself when I’m proud of myself (since I was never really proud of myself) but I think it’s a good way to give myself some love once in a while. 
  • Do the things I love: I realized this is one of the most important things in life, doing the things you really love. Due to my health, I haven’t been doing much of the things I loved and moreover, I focused on school. It’s time to put more time in the things I really love, for example, this blog. I really hope that I can put even more effort into my blog after I graduated. 
  • Supporting a good cause: I already did this for a while but I slacked. Since I do think it’s very important to support a good cause, I’m going to get back to it. 
  • Get enough rest: this is a pretty hard one for me since I love working hard. But I need to get some rest too. So I want to try and have at least one day where I don’t do anything for school and just do the things I love to do and which make me relaxed. 
  • Go back to the USA: actually, this isn’t really a goal but more of a wish haha. I really hope I can go back to the USA in 2019. I really miss NYC but I also really want to explore a new city. I hope we can go back very soon!
  • Do the things I couldn’t do for so long: so I have been skipping things I would love to do for so long since I just couldn’t do it because of my health. Since I’m getting better now and working really hard on myself, I hope I can start doing the things I haven’t done for so long in 2019. Things like going to the cinema, going for a massage, etc. 
  • Be more positive: I’m not very pessimistic but I’m also not very optimistic. I really want to be more positive and grateful for everything I have. 

What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments! 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone

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