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  1. Great review! I’ve swatched many NARS products, but never felt especially compelled to try them. There’s just always something I already have that I like more or something from other brand that I’d rather buy. Besides, I completely agree with you that the company should always be explicit about what’s in their products – it’s very neglectful to state they can’t confirm the actual ingredients.

    1. I think I understand what you’re saying, NARS isn’t a very innovative brand (even though their products are beautiful, they are pretty standard) and doesn’t really stand out between all the other brands.

  2. I personally love these “neutral” shades even though so many girls find them boring and not inspiring. I love simple makeup so for me these are go to shades and I could have so many of these neutral palettes. Thank you for the review, you did such a good job. xx

  3. I love their lip and cheek products, but never tried their eyeshadows! These look like good everyday shades though!

  4. oh i really dont need a new eyeshadow palette but now i need this. these colours are so ME and I love how you can mix and match the colours. oh girl i wish you didnt post this but i AM SO GLAD YOU DID so brb whilst I go buy this – haha

  5. Oh wow! NARS is as old as I am! It is great to see how they have risen over the years, big plus that they feel like Chanel! I use Chanel makeup, hehe. I love their palette, especially with the different varieties going on. Glad you enjoyed the palette overall. I need to give them a try! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me