Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo & Amorosa Lipstick Review

Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo & Amorosa Lipstick Review

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This collection spoke to me quickly, because of the super cute bright pink packaging but also because I love cream products and nude lipsticks. I was debating on getting the Love Eyeshadow Palette as I think it’s stunning but I’m pretty sure I won’t use it as much as I should so I didn’t get it. However, I did get the Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo and the Amorosa Lipstick which I’ll be talking about in full detail in this blog post.

First of all, the packaging is absolutely stunning! Especially the Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo has the cutest packaging, as the little glitters and hearts move when you shake the packaging. I used to have toys like this as a kid so it brings back memories.

Even though I believe this collection was supposed to be limited edition, it’s still available on the Natasha Denona website as well as on the website of their retailers such as Sephora. The full Love Collection contains the mini Love Eyeshadow Palette, the Cheek Duo Cream Blush & Highlighter, and the Amorosa lipstick. The products details:

  • Natasha Denona Mini Love Eyeshadow Palette – 14 g and retails for $25
  • Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo – 0.8 g/0.028 Oz x 5pc and retails for $42
  • Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Lipstick in Amorosa – 4 g / 0.14 Oz and retails for $25

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Natasha Denona Amorosa Lipstick

The Amorosa Review

  1. This lipstick has a luxurious texture with a lightweight creamy formula. It feels hydrating on the lips so it’s a very comfortable lipstick.
  2. The shade has a neutral pink undertone and is a medium warm mauve, designed to fit all skin tones. Due to it’s neutral undertone, I do think this will indeed flatter a lot of different undertones and skintones. A neutral pink undertone is my personal favorite undertone for lipsticks!
  3. Amorosa is easy to apply, has one-swipe pigment but you can add more layers if you want to, it’s very creamy so it’s less long-wearing than a matte lipstick for example. However, I still was able to wear this for 3 hours without eating.
  4. When wearing this lipstick, you can barely feel it’s there, it’s butter-soft and feels almost like a lip balm. It has a gorgeous softly, luminous finish.
  5. This lipstick is vegan, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free and Gluten-Free.

The Amorosa Swatches

Natasha Denona Love Cheek Duo Blush & Highlighter

The Love Cheek Duo Review

  1. The texture is creamy and feels soft, which makes both sides very easy to apply. Works well with just using your fingers, as well as using a brush. Doesn’t even have to be a special cream product blush, I uses them with normal products and had no problems at all.
  2. The blush and highlighter are both pigmented, but not too much at first swipe or application. You can easily build them up to intensify the color payoff. This is probably one of my favorite pros about this product, you’ll be able to make it suit your skin tone and/or preferences in intensity.
  3. Both sides of this Cheek Duo are long-wearing, I’ve worn both of them all day multiple times and they stay on all day without fading. I did use a setting powder to set the face, which might influenced the longevity.
  4. It’s a lightweight and non-sticky cream product, very comfortable and natural-looking.
  5. This Cheek Duo is free of parabens,contains less than one percent synthetic fragrance, and is also cruelty-free.

The Love Cheek Duo Swatches

Both these products are amazing in my opinion. I like how they wear, how they look and overall how they perform! Out of the lipstick and the cheek duo, the Cheek Duo has to be my favorite product. I just love how natural it looks on me!

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