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  1. I haven’t tried anything from Natasha Denona. I do have a mini palette and I think I’ll be getting into it next month. I’m not sure I can do the $129 palettes, even on sale that’s a lot. I love hearing that you live the mini nude because I’ve been wanting it. Also really happy to hear that I could pass on the $48 palettes. I want the sunrise palette though because it’s beautiful and I absolutely live for sunrises. I’m obsessed with seeing sunrises new places everywhere we go. Thank you for an amazing review!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I also think $129 is just a lot for an eyeshadow palette, however I’m still so tempted to try one of the bigger palettes. The Sunrise palette is way more affordable and I love that one too so I’m probably going to buy that one lol.

  2. After a negative experience with the Mini Lila, I became very skeptical of the brand and really held back from trying any of her larger palettes or duos, both for face and eyes. However, I tried the Sunrise Palette and was blown away by the performance.

    I love how sheer and defused the colors in the blush duo, and 5-pan palettes looked in this post. I’ve heard that the Mini Nude is the best of the 5-pan minis from the brand, so it seems like that is def true based on your review. I love the undertones in the mini camel palette – they look almost grungy. I agree that $48.00 USD is def a lot for only 5 shadows but I do appreciate the ultra-curated color story. 🙂 TBH this makes me want to pick this up lol!

    1. I can imagine that the mini Lila palette hold you back from buying! The Sunrise palette is so amazing though, I think I’ll probably end up buying that one…

      The tones in the Camel palette are pretty special though, I don’t think I have similar shades.

      1. I will 100% own the Camel Palette one day lol. What do you think of the Biba or Safari Palettes? Those have tempted me too (and seem to get stellar reviews), but I’ve never purchased one of the large $100 USD+ palettes.

          1. LOL with your shipping invention you’ll likely be able to get them heavily discounted b/c Sephora sometimes does special discounts on certain ND palettes during the VIB sales! Also, ND usually has a holiday sale!!

  3. I seriously need to try one of her products! I’m thinking of picking up a mini palette, maybe around the holidays. Did you find the blush to be too subtle? I noticed the swatches were really light, even for a blush. Thanks for sharing!

    Alexis| http://cafe-beauty.com

    1. Definitely pick up some of her shadows, I love them so much! I would say that the blush is indeed very subtle but also buildable so eventually, it looks exactly how I want it to look (not too pigmented but also not too sheer either!).