New Beauty Launches In June 2020

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As a beauty lover who loves to see new beauty launches, it was sad to see so many of my favorite companies shut their doors and stopped shipping for a while.  Obviously, I totally support this decision and also think it was the best thing they could do. I’m glad they took their responsibility and made sure their employees and customers were safe. 

This doesn’t mean I didn’t miss most of my favorite brands and their launches. Even annual sales got postponed or totally off the calendar at all and that’s sad too, I’m not going to lie haha. It has been a weird time and even though our battle with the virus isn’t over yet, it’s so nice to see businesses opening their doors again. It just felt so odd to not see any new launches. I would love to say that these months were great for saving money but for some reason, I still gave out more money than I should’ve haha. 

The normal flow of beauty launches started again and I have gathered a couple of my favorite ones to share with you! Thankfully there’s, even more, launches coming our way which is basically too much to mention all in this post. That’s why I’m mentioning the brands and/or products that sparked my interest the most. Let me know in the comments which products you’re most excited about. 

Beauty Launches


KKW Beauty Classic II Collection

I’m obsessed with neutrals. When KKW Beauty announced this Classic II collection, I was super excited. Then coronavirus came and the launch got postponed. I have the Classic palette which I really love so I need to add this version to my collection as well. Moreover, KKW Beauty also launched 11 new nude glosses with a new, longer packaging this time. The collection is now available on the KKW Beauty website, as a bundle and separate products.  

Natasha Denona Bronze Collection

Another neutral-toned collection, this one is by Natasha Denona and it’s called the Bronze Collection. This is definitely one of my favorite beauty launches! The collection contains a palette, 3 glosses, and a face palette. I’m most intrigued by the palette. I think it’s absolutely stunning! As I already said, I love neutrals so the palette is a must-have to me.  The collection is available at the Natasha Denona website, as well as other retailers such as Sephora. 

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipsticks

I feel like Fenty Beauty is on a roll with releasing bomb products! I’m obsessed with their Cream Bronzer & Blushes but also very excited to try this new lipstick formula. It’s a sheer and shiny formula that also seems to be moisturizing. This sounds perfect for summer! The Slip Shine Lipsticks are available on the Fenty Beauty website, as well as other retailers such as Sephora

Colourpop Tie Dye Collection

Colourpop is always on top of the latest trends and so this collection fits perfectly with the tie-dye trend that is going on right now. Moreover, it also fits perfectly in the spring and summer trends we’ve seen on the runway. The collection contains 3 brand new pastel 9-pan palettes, Créme Gel Liner set with 6 pastel eyeliners, 2 new Super Shock Highlighter Compacts, Glitterally Obsessed Gel, new SOL Body Dry Shimmering Oil in Rainbow Glow, and Fourth Ray Beauty Coconut Face Milk. The collection is available on the Colourpop website, as a bundle as well as separate products. 

Kylie Cosmetics x Kendall Collection

My favorite launch of all the beauty launches: Kylie Cosmetics x Kendall Collection! I have been waiting for this collaboration to happen for so long! I love Kendall’s natural vibe and so I knew her collection would fit me and my style perfectly. I was right! Moreover, Kylie Cosmetics introduces a couple of new products in this collection as well such as the bronzer, blush and highlighter sticks, blotting powder, and Everything Everywhere gloss which you can put on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. This collection launches June 26th at the Kylie Cosmetics website

Melt Cosmetics She’s In Parties Palette

Because of The Newbury Girl‘s excitement about Melt Cosmetics, I tried the brand’s Twenty Seven palette and pretty much fell in love.  This palette just got revealed and I’m so far really liking it. However, Melt is recently getting mixed reviews so I’ll be waiting to see reviews first before I buy it. But I love love love the purple vibes! The She’s In Parties palette launches June 26th at 12PM on the Melt Cosmetics website

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Scrub

There’s not only makeup beauty launches, nope, Sol de Janeiro decided to launch a Bum Bum Scrub! As you might know, I love their Bum Bum Cream and so this makes me really excited! The Bum Bum Scrub is available on the Sol de Janeiro website and you can save 10% on Sol de Janeiro’s New Bum Bum Body Scrub. Offer Valid Until 7/9! Use code: SOLSCRUB. Also available at Sephora

Huda Beauty Silk Balm

The last one of the beauty launches but definitely not least, the new Huda Beauty Silk Balm. This actually looks like a lipgloss but is an ultra-comfortable liquid balm that combines powerful actives to give you a boost of lasting hydration for silky smooth, fuller-looking lips. I mean, that sounds very good, right? It’s available on the Huda Beauty website as well as other retailers such as Sephora

What beauty launches are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to mention an amazing launch that I haven’t summed up but need to check out. 


Hi there! Im Simone, 24-years-old born and raised Dutch girl still living in The Netherlands. I graduated in Human Resources and I have a huge passion for all things beauty. Im a dog mom to Bailey, USA obsessed, and lipstick hoarder.

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  1. 6.23.20
    Amanda said:

    Omg yes I’ve given out more money too when I thought I would be saving! I’ve been seeing a lot of new releases on IG lately, and all of these look great. In addition to these, I saw a Morphe collab with Maddie Ziegler, and NYX released a beautiful eyeshadow palette. I offered to review the new elf collection but that got shot down lol I guess people aren’t into the retro vibes.

    xoxo Amanda |

    • 6.23.20

      Oh really? I actually liked the new elf collection! The Morphe collab with Maddie Ziegler looks good too, I just saw it at Trendmood’s page.

  2. 6.23.20
    Mimi said:

    Brands are seriously killing it at the moment! My BFF got me a Fenty Slip Shine for my birthday (they came out earlier here) and I pretty much want everything from the Kendall collection (apart from the palette and the lip kit). The KKW collection looks amazing too and so does the Huda Balm, I love that kind of things… My poor wallet

    • 6.24.20

      For real, brands are really killing it! My bank account isn’t going to like this hahaha.

  3. 6.23.20
    Laura said:

    I’m so obsessed with the look of the Natasha Denona Bronze eye shadow palette, I think I’ll have to get it..!! Xxx
    Laura x

  4. 7.9.20
    Sarah said:

    I also love the new Kylie and Kendall launch, the Natasha Denona palette and the new KKW Beauty collection. I keep looking at all of them and keep wanting all of the products lol. However, I have a lot of neutral/bronze/gold eyeshadows, so I’m really trying to be good

    • 7.21.20

      I failed insanely lol I got the Kylie x Kendall collection and ended up getting the Natasha Denona palette as well oops!