New Product: REM Beauty Powder Blush And Bronzer Launch

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r.e.m. Beauty is introducing hypernova satin matte blushes and bronzers, landing 2.8 πŸŽ†πŸͺπŸ€Ž get swept away with vibrant, lightweight color to a place where color transcends, and warmth radiates from within featuring:
✧ 8 new powder blush shades
✧ 6 new matte bronzer shades
✧ mist thing setting spray
✧ b1 blush brush
✧ b2 bronzer brush

Will be available ➑️ February 8 on the r.e.m. beauty website & at Ulta.

My Thoughts On The REM Beauty Powder Blush And Bronzer

I’m so excited for this launch! I just tried my first few r.e.m. beauty products, and so far, I’m very pleasantly surprised by the brand. As we all know, I love blushes, so I’m ready to add a few to my collection. Also, the bronzer looks very good too!

I’m less interested in the setting spray and the brushes, though. I’ll be waiting for reviews of others first before I decide if I want to try them.