NYX Cosmetics: Lipsticks and Lip pencils

This is my first time ever trying out NYX Cosmetics products! I wanted to try their products for a while now but I never actually bought something. I’ve asked on Twitter (if you don’t follow me there, you should!) what you would like to see and you’ve voted for NYX products. Let’s go and review them!

The four things I bought are 2 lip pencils, a soft matte lip cream and a Lip Lingerie lipstick. I don’t own a lot of lip pencils so that’s why I decided to go for two different colors. The pale pink one doesn’t match the lipsticks but that wasn’t my purpose. The other one could be pared with both the lipsticks.

Left one is a pale pink which is called 854 – Pale Pink and the right one is a dusty rose which is called 860 – Peekaboo Neutral. The colors are very pretty and can match with a lot of my lipsticks.

I tried them out and to be honest I don’t really like them. They work pretty good for just lining your lips but they’re way too dry to fill in your whole lips. I’m used to the creamy Kylie Cosmetics lip liners which work so smooth and nice that I was a little bit disappointed with the NYX lip pencils. But they do their job, they line your lips pretty good and they are pigmented, so for the price it’s okay.

The NYX soft matte lip cream in the color Stockholm is actually pretty nice! It applied really smooth and dried down fast. It doesn’t feel too dry on the lips and the smell of it is nice as well. The color is really pretty! I thought it would be a more outstanding color but it is actually kinda nude toned on me. It isn’t transfer proof sadly, cause when I took a little sip of my drink I saw a little lipstick print. Overall, a very nice lipstick!

The NYX Lip Lingerie in the color Ruffle Trim is very nice. I don’t really like the applicator cause it’s really long and just a little bit weird haha. I never saw a applicator like this and I have pretty much over 60 lippies. It’s not flexible as well which makes it a bit harder to apply but maybe I just need to get used to it. When I applied it, it dried down super fast but stays a bit sticky. That’s not my favorite feeling when I use lipsticks but it’s not really awful. The color is pretty though but does look a little bit like Stockholm. This color is somewhat darker. When I wanted to take this off, I had a really really hard time. It stays on really well but it’s hard to take off. I don’t really know if I like this or not haha. If I have to compare this one to the soft matte lip cream, I like the lip cream better. But this lipstick is definitely not bad.

Swatches of all the products. The top one is lip pencil in Peekaboo Neutral, followed up by lip pencil Pale Pink. The third color is soft matte lip cream Stockholm and the last one is Lip Lingerie Ruffle Trim. Left picture is with natural light and right picture is with flash light.

Product information 
The lip pencils are 3,70 euros each, the soft matte lip cream is 7,30 euros and the Lip Lingerie is 8,35 euros. I don’t think the Lip Lingerie is worth the 8 euros I paid for it, they other 3 products a pretty good priced for what you get. The products are definitely not bad at all but I would prefer other lip pencils and I wouldn’t purchase another Lip Lingerie. The soft matte lip cream is nice and I might buy more colors in the future.
NYX has still a lot of other products to try and I will probably do some research to other products I can buy in the future.

Hope to see you next time loves,

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    1. I think it’s a nice brand! I probably have to try out more products for sure 😊 yes same, dry lip liners are awful for the lips 😩 exactly, the matte cream lips are really nice but not super long lasting sadly!

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