Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 | Highlighter Drawer

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After I organized my Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Collection, I found out it was time to start organizing my other makeup products as well. This is why I’ve made a series so I can show you how I organize all of my vanity drawers. Today I’m organizing my makeup collection part 1: my highlighter drawer. 

Back to organizing my makeup collection! In my Kylie Cosmetics Collection organizing post, I had a lot of products I decided to sell or donate. In this blog post, I only have 1 item I’m trying to sell. I don’t have A LOT of highlighters (like I admit I do have enough highlighters but if I compare my highlighters with my eyeshadow palettes, my highlighters collection is small lol) and I love them all a lot so I just didn’t have to declutter. 

The only highlighter I’m getting rid off is the Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection highlighter palette. I think it’s definitely a cute palette but I never grab it. Sometimes it’s just time to let go! 

Before Organizing My Makeup Collection Highlighter Drawer

Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 | Highlighter Drawer

This is how my drawer looked before. Please don’t mind the wires on the left, I’m fixing that as well haha. I don’t think it is super messy but it is definitely not organized as well. On the left side, I had a little basket with my bigger highlighters + highlighter palettes and on the right side, I had my smaller highlighters.

After Organizing My Makeup Collection Highlighter Drawer

I figured out last minute where I could store my highlighters. In my drawer where my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits first were stored! This is how it looks now: 

Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 | Highlighter Drawer

The first drawer contains my smallest highlighters and loose powder highlighters.

Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 | Highlighter Drawer

The second drawer contains my normal sized (like medium sized I guess?) highlighters. 

Organizing My Makeup Collection Part 1 | Highlighter Drawer

And the last drawer contains my highlighter palettes. 

I couldn’t find the exact same drawer as mine, but I’ll link a couple ones who are super similar and available on 


I really really really like this method to store my highlighters! I’m so happy I realized this. Moreover, I just made some extra space for all my eyeshadow palettes. You’ll see an organizing blog post about this section very soon as well! 

Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap and nice way to store your highlighters I would really recommend getting a plastic (or acrylic but this is a little more expensive) drawer! In my previous blog post, I showed how I DIY the marble on the sides. It’s very easy and makes your plastic drawer look more luxurious. 

I hope you liked this blog post and inspired you to start organizing as well. Please let me know in the comments if I motivated you! 🙂 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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