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My number one passion is definitely makeup and I love spending so much time reviewing it, using it and just buying it as well lol. But one of the things I also like to see and do is organizing. I love seeing super clean and perfect organized drawers, closets etc. That’s why I wanted to share some of the makeup storage ideas I saw browsing Pinterest.

Because I like organizing as well, I hope you don’t mind seeing these kinds of blog posts more often in the future. The number one topic of my blog will always be makeup but I love to share some organization tips, ideas etc. once in a while as well. I would love to hear what you think about this!
My inspiration for this blog post is definitely Pinterest. I love looking around there for nice ideas, quotes, inspiration or just cute pictures. You can follow me there if you would like to: The pictures I used in this blogposts are all from Pinterest.

  1. A cute basket to store your eyeshadow palettes

I really like this way of organizing your eyeshadow palettes! If you don’t have much space, this will work really well for you. This kind of wire basket is such a cute accessory in your room but it helps to keep your eyeshadow palettes organized as well. I really love rose gold accessories but you kind find these kinds of baskets in all types of colors. If you can’t find the color you’re looking for, you can DIY and paint it in the color you like!

2. Brush holders

A place to store your brushes is an actual must buy in my opinion. This way you can keep your brushes in good form and they won’t go everywhere. I personally store my brushes in a holder something like the picture above but you can store them in a mug or toothbrush holder or whatever you can find lol. I use them as an accessory as well so I like it when they look cute.

3. Organizers 

I’m so in love with the look of these acrylic organizers! You can store a lot of products in them and they look super clean and organized as well. You have these organizers in different sizes so you can decide which size fits your room the best. The only thing is that acrylic is kinda expensive so it could be an investment. There are a lot of other organizers (like plastic) as well which aren’t that expensive.

4. Baskets or dividers 

I’m trying to find baskets or dividers so I can create this is my drawers. I think this looks so organized and satisfying! I love it! This is such a great way to store smaller products because otherwise they’ll roll in your drawer and it can be a big mess.

5. Lipstick holders

I’ve been wanting this for so so so long but couldn’t find it yet! This looks like an amazing way to store your liquid lipsticks. You can still see the colors and it’s super easy to pick one. It just looks super cute and clean as well. I hope to find one soon, otherwise I’m going to buy something like this on eBay or something I guess haha.

So these are the things I think are super clever to store your makeup and to be more organized. There are so much more ways to organize your makeup and you can make it as expensive as you want, I mean, you can DIY as well if you don’t want to buy things. It’s nice to be more organized! 🙂

Hope to see you next time loves,

2 thoughts on “Makeup storage ideas | Home Organization

  1. I just love the idea of a wire basket for my eyeshadow palettes! Right now, all of my make up is divided up in plastic baskets and a train case. I have three baskets full of lipsticks, lol. Thank you for the great ideas. I hope you’re having great day today sweetie.

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