Organizing My Highlighter Drawer | Makeup Organizing Series

The second part of my Makeup Organizing Series is all about organizing my highlighters! I was totally ready to find a good way to organize and store them. Let’s talk about how I did this!

First of all, let me first say sorry for not uploading for a week. I was incredibly busy with finishing my minor and there was just no time for blogging. Now I finished that (with a good grade yay!) I’m back on track again. 

So back to organizing! In my previous Makeup Organizing blog post, I had a lot of products I decided to sell or donate. In this blog post, I only have 1 item I’m trying to sell. I don’t have A LOT of highlighters (like I admit I do have enough highlighters but if I compare my highlighters with my eyeshadow palettes, my highlighters collection is small lol) and I love them all a lot so I just didn’t have to declutter. 

The only highlighter I’m getting rid off is the Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection highlighter palette. I think it’s definitely a cute palette but I never grab it. Sometimes it’s just time to let go! 


This is how my drawer looked before. Please don’t mind the wires on te left, I’m fixing that as well haha. I don’t think it is super messy but it is definitely not organized as well. On the left side, I had a little basket with my bigger highlighters + highlighter palettes and on the right side I had my smaller highligters.


So in my previous Makeup Organizing blog post, I already told you that I figured out last minute where I could store my highlighters. In my drawer where my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits first were stored! This is how it looks now: 

The first drawer contains my smallest highlighters and loose powder highlighters.

The second drawer contains my normal sized (like medium sized I guess?) highlighters. 

And the last drawer contains my highlighter palettes. 


I really really really like this method to store my highlighters! I’m so happy I realized this. Moreover, I just made some extra space for all my eyeshadow palettes. You’ll see an organizing blog post about this section very soon as well! 

Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap and nice way to store your highlighters I would really recommend getting a plastic (or acrylic but this is a little more expensive) drawer! In my previous blog post, I showed how I DIY the marble on the sides. It’s very easy and makes your plastic drawer look more luxurious. 

I hope you liked this blog post and inspired you to start organizing as well. Please let me know in the comments if I motivated you! 🙂 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone

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