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Published by Simone de Vlaming on June 6, 2022

Pat McGrath Blushes are a work of art just by the look of them alone. The packaging is as chic as always, the embossing of the pans is impressive, and the quality of the blushes? Out of this world!

But why would you pay $39 for a blush that some brands sell way cheaper? Isn’t it a waste of money?

If you’re not entirely sure if you need a Pat McGrath Labs Blush, or if you don’t know yet which shade to pick up – I’m more than happy to help you! In this post, you’ll…

  • Learn everything about the Pat McGrath Blushes
  • Why I think the Pat McGrath Blushes are so good
  • See swatches of almost all the shades (7 out of 9)
  • Read my honest thoughts & real experiences

Did this make you curious? Then please keep on reading to find out everything you want to know!

10Expert Score
Pat McGrath Blushes
I truly, absolutely, immensely adore these Pat McGrath blushes, and she did SUCH a good job. I think these will forever be one of my favorite blushes ever!
Ease of Use
  • Not powdery at all
  • Stunning embossing
  • Flawless, airbrushed finish
  • Not too pigmented, mistake-proof powders
  • Expensive

Oh, how I love Pat McGrath Labs! Their packaging is always so pretty, as well as the products themselves. However, the embossing of the Pat McGrath Blushes stole my heart and is probably my favorite ever so far.

Knowing that Pat’s products are always top-notch (I mean, it’s the least we can expect for that price, lol) and I’m a total blush hoarder, I had to collect as many as possible.

I don’t want to spoil the whole review already, but I think you may have guessed that I like them because I own 7 of them – and paid for them with my own money, so no PR samples – if so, you’ve guessed correctly. I initially ordered 4 of them, but after testing and trying, I added three more shades.

I think my blush collection will last me till the day I’m not here anymore lol, but I’m happy with these beauties in my collection. Let’s dive into this Pat McGrath blushes review, where I share exactly why I love them, swatches, and more.

What Are The Pat McGrath Blushes

This is how Pat McGrath Labs explains the blushes: Layerable. Luxurious. Legendary.

“The most requested product! You wanted Blush and I wanted to deliver it in a major way! Its silky-soft texture becomes one with the skin for a natural finish that can be amplified and customised! With its sheer to medium coverage and demi-matte and satin finishes, you can build it and take it to the next level. I fall in LOVE everytime I see Divine Blush!!”

Pat says

Ultra-fine powder pigments deliver a sensuously soft, brilliantly blendable application. All nine shades build effortlessly from sheer to subversive, bare to bold to beyond, ensuring a wondrous wash of customizable color tailored to every skin tone and type.

The whole range of Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish Divine Blushes consists of 9 shades; I got 7 of them. I only didn’t purchase Paradise Venus (Terracotta Demi-Matte) and Electric Bloom (Vivid Coral Demi-Matte) because they’re deeper shades, and I knew these weren’t going to look well on my light skin.

The shades and the color descriptions of the shades I own are the following:

  • Pat McGrath Fleurtatious Blush is a Soft Beige Pink Demi-Matte
  • Pat McGrath Nude Venus Blush is a Peachy Pink With a Golden Pearl
  • Pat McGrath Desert Orchid Blush is a Bronze Rose With Golden Pearl
  • Pat McGrath Nymphette Blush is a Soft Pink With Golden Pearl
  • Pat McGrath Divine Rose Blush is a Cool Mauve Rose Demi-Matte
  • Pat McGrath Cherish Blush is a Neutral Pink Demi-Matte
  • Pat McGrath Lovestruck Blush is a Berry Pink Demi-Matte

How To Use

Using a blush brush, sweep onto the apples of the cheeks or in a “C” shape from cheekbones to temples. For effortless vibrancy, mix colors to create a subtle multidimensional effect.

Things To Know

All the shades retail for $39 each; the shades come in a Demi-Matte or Satin Pearl finish, containing 0.34 Oz/9.7 G, and are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates SLS & SLES. When it comes to animal testing, Pat McGrath Labs is in a grey area.

Where To Buy

Pat McGrath Labs, as well as the Pat McGrath blushes, is available at and their own website. If you would like to read more Pat McGrath Labs reviews on other products, make sure to check out all the posts here.

Pat McGrath Blush Review

The Pat McGrath blushes are absolutely stunning in the pan; the colors look absolutely amazing, and I love how some of them have a very subtle pearl in them, and others are semi-matte.

The texture is very smooth when you touch it with your finger; it’s easy to pick up pigment with your brush, and I don’t really notice any kickback in the pan.

I have to say that I’m tapping my brush very softly into the pan because I don’t want to ruin the embossing, so this might be one of the reasons I don’t have any kickback or fallout.

What I like about these Pat McGrath blushes is that they’re softly pigmented and have a silk-velvet finish – enough pigment to see some color payoff, but you won’t end up applying too much with one swipe. This offers a very mistake-proof application, which is very nice.

You can easily build up the pigment if you want more color payoff. It’s also nice for people with light skin, like me, because we can wear the brighter shades too without looking like a clown immediately.

Mind you, I’ve built up the pigment in the swatches below, so it’s easier to see the color. However, you can easily apply less and look amazing, so no worries.

Another thing that I really like about these is that it almost looks as if it has an instant blurring effect because my skin always looks flawless if I wear any of them.

I apply them to the apples of the cheeks with a Real Techniques blush brush, which gives a gorgeous touch of color to the cheeks. 

They just sit on the cheekbones beautifully, almost as if it isn’t even there. It’s not powdery looking at all, doesn’t accentuate any pores or impurities (it blurs them, in my opinion), and it’s so lightweight you don’t feel like you have anything on.

On top of that, the blushes were all long-wearing and didn’t fade on me even though I wore them all day. These are a real game-changer in your makeup routine if you ask me!

Pat McGrath Blush Swatches

I truly think that all colors are so so so stunning. I love how Fleurtatious, Nude Venus, and Divine Rose are more daily, very wearable shades – they give you just that extra flush of color, but they look very natural.

Desert Orchid, Nymphette, Cherish, and Lovestruck add more color to the cheeks, but still not too much. I would wear them to work, too, but I get that for some people, these are more like ‘going out’ type of blushes.

I love how Nude Venus, Desert Orchid, and Nymphette have the most stunning soft pearls in them to give the cheeks a lit-from-within glow!

By the way, I had to be very light-handed with Lovestruck, though. At the time I was writing this, I gifted it to my mom because her skin tone is a tiny bit darker than mine, so I thought it would suit her better (and it does, it looks amazing on her!).

Picking my favorite blush out of these stunning Pat McGrath blushes is so hard, but I think I reach for Divine Rose and Nymphette the most. I also like to mix and match multiple of them together for a custom blush shade.


  • bareMinerals Gen Nude Blonzers: The Gen Nude Blonzers make a great alternative for the PMG golden-pearl infused blushes as the Gen Nude ones have a soft shine to them too. Plus, the Blonzers are blush and bronzer in one, which is very innovative, in my opinion.
  • Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Collection Powder Blushes: The SoftSculpt blushes make a great alternative for the PMG demi-matte blushes. I really enjoy the Makeup By Mario Powder Blushes, and they’re quite a bit more affordable than the PMG blushes.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Powder Blushes: Luxury-wise, Charlotte Tilbury is always a good alternative! I really adore the Cheek To Chic Powder Blushes as they’re very subtle, also have a bit of a sheen to them, and look very natural on the cheeks.

Final Verdict

I truly, absolutely, extremely adore the Pat McGrath blushes, and she did SUCH a good job. I think these will forever be one of my favorite blushes ever!

The formula is pigmented, but not too much. It applies like a dream, with a very flawless finish every time I use it. I literally can’t get enough of these blushes.

Have you already tried one of these Pat McGrath blushes? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Please share them in the comments. If you haven’t, please share your favorite shade out of them all in the comments. 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

I had the hardest time opening these blushes at first; you’re not alone, lol! Here’s how to open them: At the front of the compact is a little pressable button that, if you push it and gently try to lift the cap, it’ll open.

Pat McGrath Labs, as well as the Pat McGrath blushes, is available at and their own website. If you would like to read more Pat McGrath Labs reviews on other products, make sure to check out all the posts here.

You would almost think the Pat McGrath blush is the most expensive blush, but nope! The current most expensive blush in the world is the Sisley’s L’Orchidée Highlighter Blush (US$112).

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