Empty Makeup Products of July 2018

July 31, 2018

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I have to admit that I don’t usually have a lot of empty products. Especially my makeup lasts a really long time! Lately, I have been saving up products that are (almost) empty and I’m throwing out. Will I be repurchasing these items?

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the products I’ve used up during the past couple months and if I’ll be repurchasing them. I have 5 products to show you and I’m really excited to discuss each of them!

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Sun Kissed’ bronzer 

This first product is a memorable one because I think I’ve had this powder for years! I even think that this was one of my first high-end makeup product. I remember that I got this as a gift from my parents because I was a little bit insecure about my light skin tone, so to make me feel less insecure they bought me an Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzer! I was and still am really happy with this bronzer but sadly it’s not available in stores anymore. When I was on a makeup event, I found this bronzer really cheap because they took it out of the assortment. You can’t imagine how happy I am that I found one haha! So I thought it was time to replace this (I guess 4 or 5-year-old bronzer!!) one with a new one. I hit pan a year ago and I still have this much of product left and I use this bronzer everyday. After such a time of using it, it’s time for a new one and say goodbye to this baby! I don’t really know what to do when I finished the new one lol, I might go for a new Anastasia bronzer because I know they came out with new/more bronzers.

Garnier Skinactive deep pore exfoliating scrub 

When I arrived in my hotel room in NYC last May, I found out that my fash wash totally explode during the flight! Thankfully, I always put things that can leak in plastic bags so it wasn’t a really big mess but I still had to get a new fash wash.  It was my first time in a CVS store and I enjoyed it so much haha! I’m really jealous that my US followers can go there every day, that store is amazing and has so many products that we don’t have in Europe. So I bought this face wash from Garnier, which is a soft scrub as well. I’ve used this product with a lot of pleasure and I’m sad it’s empty. I’ve searched around in my country but they don’t have this face wash sadly, so it’s time to find a new product. Otherwise, I would really repurchase this!

Kylie Cosmetics ‘Ivory’ Concealer

I bought the Kylie Cosmetics concealer when they’ve launched it back in January I guess and it’s empty now after using this every day. Which means this contains a good amount of product! I really love this concealer and when I found out I didn’t have much left, I bought a new one. This is the shade Ivory. I also have the color Birch, which is a little bit lighter and isn’t empty yet because it was a little too light when I tanned a bit so there’s some product left for the winter. This concealer is literally amazing! It applies easy, it’s smooth, lightweight and isn’t fully matte. This concealer is my favorite concealer out there! If you haven’t tried this concealer yet, you really should.

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Autoreplenishing Hydrator

I’ve discovered this Clinique moisturizer when I was looking for a hydrating cream since my skin was a little bit dehydrated because I used a wrong cream. It recovered my skin super good and I really love the gel structure! I still have a little bit of product in it and I’ll be scooping all of it out there haha. I already bought a replacement for when I totally run out! This moisturizer isn’t too thick and doesn’t make my skin more oily but does hydrate it very well which I really appreciate. It’s awesome!

Too Faced ‘Better than sex’ mascara

If you follow my blog for a while now, you might know I really love the Better than sex mascara by Too Faced. This is my first Too Faced product I ever bought and I really loved it! I bought it last year in Spain when I visited Sephora. This mascara has been kinda empty since February I guess but I kept using it once in a while in combination with my Benefit mascara. I finally decided that it’s time to throw it away and I bought a new one. I will start using this when my Benefit mascara is empty, which is pretty soon I guess. This mascara gives me really pretty volume and long lashes. I do think this looks super pretty on me so I really had to repurchase this mascara.

So that’s it! The 5 products I’ve used up and I really enjoyed them all. I hope you like this blog post? Please let me know in the comments. I’m thinking about doing this more often in the future so let me know what you think!

Hope to see you next time loves,

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  • Connie Werner Reichert

    July 31, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Another bronzer you might want to try is from Bobbie Brown, with a nice highlighter from Becca. You will be glowing your summer tan!

    1. Simone

      July 31, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      Thank you so much for your tip!! I’ll check it out 🙂

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