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Refresh Skin Therapy ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on January 23, 2021

AD – Gifted | Even though I have slightly sensitive skin, I know I’m lucky with the overall health of my skin (no extreme acne, no rosacea, no allergies) but once I read the story of Refresh Skin Therapy’s founder I realized this again. Joanna Shu created Refresh Skin Therapy to solve her own skin problems as well as for other people with the same issues!

Since I absolutely love the story behind Refresh Skin Therapy, I was more than happy when they asked if they could send me some of their products. Thank you so much Refresh Skin Therapy for gifting me these products!

Even though I’m fairly lucky with my skin, I know how insecure it can make you when you have skin problems. I struggled with adult acne for a while, 2-3 years ago and it definitely took its toll on my self-esteem. That’s why I’m always rooting for brands that really dive deeper into skin problems, not only acne but also rosacea, allergies, extreme irritations, you name it.

Refresh Skin Therapy is cruelty-free, vegan, uses clean ingredients, and is paraben-free. What I also love about Refresh Skin Therapy is its clean promise:

We are constantly looking for ways to move our company towards a cleaner future. For us, that means clean ingredients, clean packaging, and reducing our environmental impact.

Refresh Skin Therapy

Refresh Skin Therapy Products

Refresh Skin Therapy

The Refresh Skin Therapy shop contains moisturizers, serums, peels, and cleansers. All the products work well for very sensitive skin! The packaging also describes if the product is fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, etc. I think this is super helpful for people with allergies because they can see beforehand if a product is suited for their skin or not. The products I was gifted and tried for over a month are the following:

Probiotic Face Cleanser – $25 | non-stripping cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup, while fortifying skin against UV-free radical damage. Enhanced with potent antioxidants derived from Rose Hip Seed Oil and Astaxanthin. Two kinds of skin-friendly probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus and Fermented Radish Root, maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier and promote balance.

Retinol 1% Night Serum – $25 | Works overnight to resurface the skin, the skin is firmer and more supple, fights signs of aging, and repairs sun damage.

Vitamin C Day Serum – $21 | Next-generation form of Vitamin C for better penetration and stability, protects the skin from UV damage, evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of dark spots, and is a powerful antioxidant cocktail for a brighter complexion.


Probiotic Face Cleanser – $25 | This cleanser does its job correctly, it cleanses my skin gently and leaves my skin smooth, not irritated, and super soft. Is it super special? I don’t think it is for a normal skin type with a bit of sensitivity like me. I can use quite a few cleansers without having problems. However, if you have super sensitive skin that is irritated quickly and you’re looking for a very gentle cleanser, I would definitely recommend this one.

Retinol 1% Night Serum – $25 | In my Herbal Dynamics Beauty Skincare Review, I mentioned that I noticed that my pores were less visible, and at the moment of writing that review, I didn’t notice that this Retinol Night Serum could be the reason for it. However, I’m pretty sure this product is the reason my pores are smaller and my makeup lays on top of my skin better if this makes sense. I do see a difference with the fine lines around my eyes but I don’t really see a difference with my smile lines (just yet?). I would 100% repurchase this serum for the refined pores alone and every other benefit is a plus. This one is a must!

Vitamin C Day Serum – $21 | I find it hard to tell if this product really made a huge difference. I liked using it, it didn’t irritate my skin at all. My skin tone is pretty even but I’m not sure if that’s because of this serum alone, or maybe the combination with the products above and from Herbal Dynamics Beauty too. However, I love how my skin looks when using all of these products together so I definitely keep using them how I’m using them now. Seems like my skin is very happy!

Overall, I really liked these products! I can definitely see them work very well for people with skin problems. Moreover, since I’m using only clean skincare products I definitely see a difference in my skin. It’s looking healthier, feels so so so soft, looks even, refined pores, and overall fewer blemishes.

Because of this experience, I would 100% recommend checking out clean skincare products, and Refresh Skin Therapy is a brand you should check out too. I really want to try one of their peels in the future for sure.

Are you using clean skincare products already? Did you see a difference? Let me know in the comments below!

Refresh Skin Therapy ⋆ Beautymone

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