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If you haven’t heard from AI, you’re living under a stone. AI is literally taking over the world by storm, so, as content creators, why shouldn’t we use it to our benefit? I love the tool called Cuppa – an AI-powered SEO blog post generator – and you easily create posts in the time it takes to drink your morning brew (you get the name?). Cuppa is REALLY good at creating long-form content, using tables and all. I always recommend still fact-checking your posts, though (with every AI tool).


Shop My

Shop My is my favorite affiliate platform, which I use for 95% of my affiliate links on this site. I really like how you can easily link to retailers or brands, the commission rate (some have a 10%+ rate, so good!), and how you can collaborate and chat with brands is so helpful for creators like you and me. Oh, and did I mention, weekly payouts?!

Resources ⋆ Beautymone
Resources ⋆ Beautymone


Bulk Publishing Plugin

The Bulk Publishing Plugin started as a Google Sheet created by Arielle Phoenix, a fellow (niche) site owner. The Sheet is still available (only in combination with Arielle’s course), but the plugin is where it’s at right now. The AI-assisted plugin creates content in bulk for you within seconds! You can even give the plugin research/real facts, and it will use that to create content. So good! Again, it’s still an AI tool, so I always recommend fact-checking before publishing.



Machined is another AI tool that I really love to use. The difference with, for example, Cuppa is that Machined helps you with creating content clusters. This is a specific technique that is well-known in the SEO community, as Google loves this as a sign of authority. Machined provides you with keywords (or you use your own set of keywords), will create the articles for you, AND interlinks them. Super easy and saves a lot of work!


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Business Tools

Email + Marketing

Mailerlite — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ultricies ultricies nulla, convallis maximus lacus imperdiet sed.

LowFruits — Truly one of the best keyword tools on this planet! I use LowFruits in combination with Keysearch for my keyword research. You truly need at least one of them in your life (and I would go for LowFruits).

Lasso— I’m fairly new to this tool, but it really helps me to overview my affiliate links and sales way better than I used to! I finally see what I’ve made across different affiliate platforms.

Hosting + Website

Big Scoots — I currently use the Starter Plan from Big Scoots, and I’m very pleased with the support, site speed, and security they offer! They are more expensive but it’s 100% worth the investment.

17th Avenue — I’ve been purchasing 17th Avenue themes since I started blogging in 2018, I own most of them, to be fair, and I just keep switching as they launch new, gorgeous themes, lol.

WP Rocket — For the best possible site speed, I use WP Rocket. This is one of the best, if not the best, plugins for this! Super easy to use, also for beginners.

Social Media + Design

Planoly — Planoly Free works well, but I currently use the Started paid plan to have insights into analytics and schedule more posts and reels. It’s worth it, in my opinion!

Canva — Very soon after I started my blog, I got myself a Canva Pro subscription and never looked back. I use Canva literally every day for blog graphics, featured images, social media content, etc.

Lightroom — I edit all my photos in Lightroom, for socials and the blog, to make sure each and every product looks just as pretty as it does in real life.

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