Rose Quartz Roller Benefits, Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller

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You’ve probably seen these crystal facial rollers used in every second Vogue Beauty Secrets video. Or perhaps you’ve spotted them in the beauty aisle and wondered what they do. Are they the newest trending gimmick, or are the rose quartz roller benefits true?

This guide covers all your burning questions about rose quartz rollers and helps you figure out whether to add them to your environmentally-friendly beauty routine. So, let’s get rolling!

What Is A Rose Quartz Roller?

Rose Quartz Face Roller,Fourth Ray Beauty

A rose quartz roller is a rolling device that generally has a solid, cylindrical rose quartz crystal on each end — each of a different size. Some rollers only have a crystal on one end. These crystals work like mini rolling pins.

The rose quartz crystal is believed to have a strong connection to the heart chakra. It is also associated with love, peace, and deep healing of the heart — which is fitting for a self-care tool like a rose quartz roller. These spiritual properties are not scientifically proven, so whether you believe in them is up to you.

So, why is it used as part of a facial roller, you ask? This crystal is good at maintaining its cool temperature, even when rolled against warm skin. Facial rollers are also often made with other stone crystals, like amethyst and jade — each of which has specific spiritual properties.

However, using precious stones to massage the face is not a new thing. In fact, the use of facial massaging with stones can be traced all the way back to the 7th century in Asia.

Tip: Some facial rollers are made to imitate crystal rollers, with some brands using glass or plastic instead. Be sure to double-check that you’re buying a genuine crystal roller, like one of these below:

Or check out the Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller I’ll be talking about in just a bit. Click here if you want to jump directly to the Fourth Ray Roller Review.

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits: What Does It Do? 

So what’s so special about these rollers, anyway? Below are the top benefits of rose quartz rollers.

Depuff Your Face & Remove Toxins

Your face and neck have over 300 lymph nodes responsible for filtering out toxins under the skin. But the lymphatic system tends to flow much slower than your blood. So helping it along with a facial roller can improve the process of lymph drainage.

This will help your face appear more sculpted and can make your under-eyes look less puffy as it reduces water retention. This also encourages the removal of toxins under the skin, which can help reduce inflammation.

Tip: Put your rose quartz roller in the fridge to enhance the depuffing effects.

Stimulate Blood Circulation

Rose quartz rollers can improve blood circulation to your face. This causes an increased flow of oxygen-rich blood to your skin, making it appear brighter and healthier.

Even Product Distribution

A rose quartz crystal doesn’t absorb the product like your hands would, meaning all the product placed on your face will be massaged into your face. The quartz roller may also encourage your products to absorb better, as it can help push them deeper into your skin.

Release Tension

Think of a facial roller like those nifty little foam rollers you use to release muscle tension after a workout. The crystal roller can help smooth out tight points in your face, jaw, and neck. This is especially helpful if you tend to clench your jaw.

Relax and Ease Stress & Anxiety

Using your facial roller can help you unwind and de-stress after a long day, as self-care has many benefits in terms of stress management. It has been proven to help reduce feelings of stress and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Taking the time to treat yourself to a mini-massage daily can thus calm you and improve your mood. 

Help Ease Migraines or Headaches

Massaging the pressure points in your forehead and temples can help ease the pain associated with headaches or migraines. The crystal roller can also help improve blood circulation to the head, which may help reduce pressure or tension.

Ease Sinus Congestion

You can use your rose quartz roller to reduce congestion in your sinuses. Massaging the sinus areas, like your cheeks, forehead, and under the eyes, can help by encouraging fluid buildup to flow away from your sinuses.

How To Use A Rose Quartz Roller

Before you start rolling all over your face, keep in mind that there’s a method to the madness here. Follow the steps below to benefit from your rose quartz facial roller.

  1. You want to start with clean skin and a clean roller. Use a bit of your facial cleanser or a gentle cleanser of your choice to clean the roller. Wash your face with your usual skincare products and gently pat your skin dry.
  2. Add a few drops of your favorite hydrating serum or moisturizer to your face and gently spread it across with your fingers.
  3. Using slightly firm, upward motions, start rolling the crystal across your neck, up to your jaw. The upwards motion is vital, as you don’t want to drag your skin downward. 
  4. Repeat each movement at least five times across every new area.
  5. Moving to your chin, glide the roller up along your jaw to your ear.
  6. Move further up to below your cheekbone, rolling in upward motions towards your hairline. 
  7. Do the same upward motion under your eyes towards your temples, using the smaller, rounder crystal and extra gentle pressure.
  8. Repeat the same movement across your eyebrows and your forehead.
  9. To speed up the process, you can use two rollers simultaneously. 
  10. Once you’ve completed the massage, continue with the rest of your skincare routine.
  11. Gently clean your roller with a warm cloth or mild soap and store it away in your fridge or a dry place.

When To Use Your Rose Quartz Roller

You can use your roller in the morning or evening. It’s always safer to use your quartz roller with a product that provides a bit of “slip” to let the crystal glide across your face easily. This can be in the form of a serum, light face oil, or moisturizer.

Generally, it is recommended that you use the roller with a serum before the rest of your skincare routine. But, if you’ve got a more minimalist skincare routine, you can use it during your moisturizing step instead.

You can also use the rose quartz roller over your sheet mask or your best hydrating face mask to help the product settle into your skin.

How To Clean Your Rose Quartz Roller

You must keep your rose quartz roller clean at all times, as you don’t want harmful bacteria to build up on it. Using a dirty roller can lead to breakouts, irritation, or worse.

Be sure to, at the very least, wipe your roller with a warm cloth after using it. You can also use a gentle cleanser and warm water (not hot) to give it a good wash. If you have especially sensitive skin, try washing the roller with a bit of your facial cleanser.

Rose Quartz Roller vs. Jade Roller: What’s The Difference?

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits, Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller

Wondering if there’s a difference between the two different crystal rollers? In terms of healing properties, jade is similar to rose quartz. Jade is also said to promote calm, love, and harmony.

The main physical difference between jade and rose quartz rollers is that rose quartz remains cooler for longer. In contrast, jade stones tend to warm up faster when they come into contact with your skin. So, if you’re looking for something with a cooling effect, a rose quartz roller may be a better bet.

On top of that, Rose Quartz is a very tough and hard stone which makes the face roller last longer than a Jade Roller, as Jade is mostly known as a softer stone and, thus, less long-lasting. Last but not least, you can see a difference in price between the two. Jade Rollers are often cheaper than Rose Quartz Rollers, mainly because it’s way harder to carve a Rose Quartz, so the production time is longer.

The Rose Quartz Roller benefits and the Jade Roller benefits are pretty similar, the only difference is that a Jade Roller is supposed to give the skin more of a brightening effect, whereas the Rose Quartz Roller has more pore tightening effects.

Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Face Roller Review

Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Face Roller

The Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Face Roller is made from real rose quartz. Creating a Rose Quartz Face Roller is a great idea because your skincare routine is a part of self-love, so the crystal matches the purpose of the face roller. The Rose Quartz Face Roller retails for $18 at the Fourth Ray Beauty website

I use the bigger side of the Rose Quartz face roller after my morning skincare routine and after my night skincare routine for my whole face. I use this roller to help sink the products into my skin. I’m not entirely sure if this helps because I can’t tell. I don’t notice a difference in the absorbing time of my products if I use the face roller or not. At least it does feel nice, though!

What I like the most about this Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller is how cold and refreshing it feels on the skin. If I had a night with not enough sleep and my eyes were puffy, I like to just roll the smaller roller around my eyes to feel more awake as well as reduce the puffiness. I often do this right after I wake up and before my skincare routine. Another thing I like is that this makes me feel relaxed. I take the time to use the Rose Quartz face roller before bed, so I feel calm and ready to sleep. 

It’s hard to tell if I notice the rose quartz roller benefits, to be honest. I mean, I’m not able to tell if I see any differences in my blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and skin elasticity. It may have improved all of these points, but it’s not that I see visible results. The only visible result I have seen is that it reduces puffiness.

The Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller itself is sturdy, feels heavy and luxurious, and even though it’s affordable, it’s not looking or feeling cheap. It has two sides, a smaller one and a bigger one, with genuine rose quartz, which I think is already worth the $18. Even though I don’t notice a massive difference in my skin, I like to use this roller to feel refreshed and calm. 

Ready To Buy Your First Rose Quartz Roller?

If you’ve come this far, you may already have concluded that you don’t actually need a crystal roller to achieve the benefits mentioned. A good daily massage with your hands will be just as effective. But, there’s no denying that a rose quartz roller feels much more luxurious — and much cooler on the face. So if you’d rather want to achieve the benefits this way, then go for it! You can even try these Fraîcheur Ice Globes if you want something more refreshing.


Absolutely! You can use a Rose Quartz Roller without serum, moisturizer, or anything else but just on your bare face. It’ll still feel very refreshing and relaxing.

If you have a Rose Quartz Roller with a bigger side and a smaller side, make sure to use the smaller side. Then start rolling gently in an upward motion under your eyes towards your temples.

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  1. I used a cheaper one from Amazon for a while (until the small side broke off) and I did like it for reducing puffiness and helping to feel refreshing in the morning!

  2. I’m not particularly interested in crystals, it’s not that I don’t believe in them but I don’t know much and I haven’t had the inspiration to learn if I’m honest but, anything rose quartz looks so beautiful. I’d love to get a face roll mostly because of that

  3. As always, I really appreciate your honest thoughts. I’m not sure if that I believe in the healing powers of crystal, but I do think that this roller seems very relaxing and I’ve heard that many people enjoy that cool/refreshing feeling so I’m super curious to try a roller out for myself! Also, I didn’t realize that Fourth Ray was 100% Vegan!

    1. Thank you, girl! I would totally recommend getting the Fourth Ray one if you’re interested, it’s the least expensive one I could find (there are probably cheaper ones to find out there but I trusted Fourth Ray because CP’s quality is always good).

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