September No-Buy Makeup Month Recap

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For me, not buying makeup for a whole month is a true challenge. I know that sounds insane, but I feel like brands are launching new products every week and as a beauty lover I really want to have these products. However, I felt like I spend way too much money in August so I decided to start a ‘September no-buy makeup month’ and make sure I shouldn’t buy any makeup. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing how it went and I’m sharing my tips. 

I started my ‘September no-buy makeup month’ right after I got some new makeup in the Labor Day sales on August 30. So the actual first day of not buying more makeup was August 31. 

Let me tell you, this was a difficult month. There have been a couple of sales, like a 25% off sitewide at Kylie Cosmetics, and some new launches, like the KKW Beauty x Winnie collaboration. Trying to keep myself together was sometimes so hard and I felt anxious. Yes, I know, we’re talking about makeup but I want to be honest. I still managed to not buy a single thing during a sale or new launches, which I’m very proud of. BUT on my last day of this challenge, I still bought the Kylie Cosmetics x Balmain collection. So I managed to do a no-buy month but not any longer than that. 

There are a couple of things I realized during this month that I would like to share: 

  •  I feel like brands come out with new products too soon after their last launch. It’s almost impossible to play with new products because new ones are already launching. 
  •  I feel like brands come out with new products too often. I never thought I would say this but I got to this point where I can’t keep up anymore. I’m just not able to buy all the new products from every brand right when they’re launching. 
  •  I started hating limited edition collections. Yes, I love a limited edition, special packaging but I don’t like the ‘you need to buy it now or you’ll miss out!’ what comes with a limited edition. These types of collections do make me feel anxious because I start getting that feeling I’ll miss out if I don’t buy it straight away.
  • I also don’t like it when brands are not communicating clearly with their customers. Sometimes they’ll launch products which look like limited edition products but they won’t say a damn thing and so you think you need to buy it quickly and in the end, it’s not limited edition. 
September No-Buy Makeup Month Recap | Sharing My Tips

I also learned a couple of things about myself during this month: 

  •  I often feel like I just can’t miss out on a product launch because I love the products SO MUCH. But, for example, I didn’t buy the KKW Beauty x Winnie collection and I felt a bit miserable about missing this one because I loved everything so much. It’s a couple of weeks after the launch and I don’t feel like I’m really missing these products. 
  •  I have way too much makeup lol. Well, of course, I already knew this but I had to tell myself this a lot during this month when I was on the verge of buying new products. When I look at my collection, I’m like ‘yeah I think I don’t actually need new stuff’. 
  •  Discounts are my weakness. I feel like I HAVE TO BUY PRODUCTS when they’re on sale. This feeling makes me pretty much anxious as well. Even though I don’t need new products, it feels stupid if I don’t take advantage of sales/discounts. 

September No-Buy Makeup Month Final Recap

This September No-Buy Makeup Month does make me realize I already own a lot of makeup and I don’t need more. It also makes me realize I really have to work on myself when it comes to feeling anxious about discounts and limited edition launches. I really want to come at a point where I don’t feel anxious anymore and can say to myself ‘it’s okay Simone, you already have similar products in your collection and you don’t need more.’ 

TheNewBuryGirl is inspiring me with her Makeup Minimalism posts and low-buy/no-buy posts, to start doing this myself. This is one of the reasons I decided to write a blog post about it. In this way, I hope I can also inspire someone who needs a little help.

With that being said, I’m not perfect. I was able to not buy any makeup for a month but I’ve failed so many times. Maybe next time I’m writing a similar blog post, I completely failed. Or maybe I did even better. Who knows. But I do think it’s good to talk about this and how this can be a bit of a struggle for us makeup lovers. 

No-Buy Makeup Month Tips

I’ve written a blog post with tips a year back and I’ll be sharing these tips here again: 

  1. First of all, every time a product gets announced or released I ask myself the question ‘Do I really need this?’ Most of the time the answer is no.
  2. Moreover, I made a wishlist with the products I really want to buy in the future. I do this so I can oversee all the products I want and see how much these products would cost me if I would buy them. It makes me realize it’s better to save money.
  3. I’ve been reading about minimalism. This kind of lifestyle really inspires me and I really want to end up being a minimalist in the future. I will always have too much makeup because it’s my passion and what I love most, but because of minimalism, I want to have a different thinking pattern which encourages me to only buy things I really really really love.
  4. Enjoy the products I already have. I mean, I have so many amazing products and of course, I enjoy them but I wasn’t really living in the moment. I was already thinking about new products. Right now, I’m just enjoying the products I already have and I’m not thinking about new stuff. 
  5. I unsubscribed from email lists. I was subscribed to almost every brand out there which emailed me so much that I could only think about new products. That’s why I unsubscribed. And it’s so nice not feeling restless! Oh, and not having 100 emails to check every day.

Curious to read my blog post? Check it out here

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


Hi there! Im Simone, 24-years-old born and raised Dutch girl still living in The Netherlands. I graduated in Human Resources and I have a huge passion for all things beauty. Im a dog mom to Bailey, USA obsessed, and lipstick hoarder.

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  1. 10.6.19

    Girl, I am SO proud of you – you did so much better than I have done all year so far. I know we can both be better with our spending and I was nodding my head to all of your points because I totally understand the feeling of anxiety that comes with missing out on something while simultaneously being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of releases.

    • 10.6.19

      Thand you so much lovely! I’m also proud of you! We are going to better with our spending together, we got this!