Sigma Lip Oil

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The Sigma Lip Oils are a fairly new product on the market, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of them to test out. Are they as high-shine and nourishing as promised? Let’s find out. Here’s my review of the product!

Sigma Lip Oils Swatches

The first thing I noticed about Sigma Lip Oils is the packaging. They come in a sleek, stylish bottle that looks great on any vanity. The second thing I noticed was the scent or.. the lack of it. The lip oils don’t have any scent, which I don’t mind, and I know some people even prefer no scent, so if that’s you, you’ll like this!

The lip oils are lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky, which makes them feel comfortable on the lips. They provide hydration to my lips and help them look (and feel) soft, supple, and juicy! They have a very soft tint to them, the shine of a gloss, and is as nourishing as a balm. It’s an excellent lipgloss/tint type to wear every day.

They’re not super long-wearing (1-2 hours without eating or drinking) like most glosses and lip oils are. Still, you can easily reapply them multiple times daily without dehydrating or irritating your lips as a matte lipstick would.

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Sigma Lip Oil

Get the nourishment of a lip balm and the shine of a lip gloss in one perfect product! These smooth, non-sticky lip oils add a protective layer of luxurious high-shine color and hydration to your lips to help them look soft, supple, and juicy!

How To Use

One of our ultra-moisturizing lip care products, this lip oil tint is excellent for daily use in your lip care kit. Swipe it on with the oversized applicator that’s designed to hug the curve of your lips for a luxurious and easy application. Reapply this lip oil gloss, as needed, throughout the day.


  • Dior Lip Oil: The Dior Lip Oils are a fancy alternative; however, I think these Sigma Lip Oils provide more shine and might even be a little bit more comfortable. The Dior ones have slightly more tint, but the difference is minimal.
  • Tower 28 Lip Jelly Lipgloss: Even though the Tower 28 glosses aren’t Lip Oils or lip balms, they feel like that. They’re super comfortable, non-sticky, and hydrating.
  • Kylie Skin Lip Oil: The Kylie Skin Lip Oil hydrates my lips, I love wearing it during the day or before bed, and it delivers a glossy finish. Really recommend this!


  1. Hi! Love your posts!
    Which lip oil provides more nourishment in your opinion: Sigma or Clarins? I’m torn between Hush and Honey!

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