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Summer Fridays Overtime Mask ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on January 7, 2020

In today’s blog post I’m sharing all ins and outs about the Instagram-breaking Summer Fridays Overtime Mask. Does it live up to the hype of their first launch? How do you use the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask? What’s the difference between the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask and the Jetlag Mask? All questions I’m going to answer in today’s post. If you’re curious to know the answers then please keep on reading. 

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A couple of months ago, I didn’t even know about Summer Fridays until I saw Nicol Concilio (YouTuber, see her channel here) using the Overtime Mask. I actually think she mentioned that she even repurchased the Overtime Mask which made me curious. The moment I’m writing this, I’m owning all of the Summer Fridays masks. I’m writing in-depth reviews about all of them separately but I’ll compare them in my blog posts as well, so you’ll get good comparisons. First up is the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask. 

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

 Let’s first start off with some background information and ingredients: 


Summer Fridays Overtime Mask Ingredients 


    Packed with restorative minerals—plus vitamins A, K and C—pumpkin exfoliates and hydrates skin for a brighter, more balanced complexion.


    Natural and gentle—unlike synthetic abrasives that can damage skin’s surface—this mild exfoliant sweeps away dead skin cells for Carrara marble-smooth results.


    With both anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, this moisturizing protein leaves skin feeling velvety-soft and soothed.


    Like your skin’s own bodyguard, this antioxidant fends off collagen-damaging free radicals—a major culprit in the aging process.

    No phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, or silicones

    To see the whole ingrediensts list, click here

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask,Summer Fridays Overtime Mask Review
The picture is from Summer Fridays

How to use the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

The first important question is how do you need to use the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask? 

Make sure your skin is clean (so wash your face first) and make sure it’s dry. Then apply a thick layer using your fingertips. Massage in circular motions for 60 seconds (avoid eye area!). Leave the mask on for 10 minutes then wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

Can I use the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask every day?

Summer Fridays recommend using the Overtime Mask twice a week or whenever the skin feels dull. Extra tip: use the Jetlag Mask afterward for hydration! 

My Thoughts on the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask

I have been using the Summer Fridays Overtime Mask once a week since it arrived. I haven’t used it on my whole face lately since my skin is pretty dry and I don’t want to exfoliate too much. I love using this mask since it’s a great exfoliator and leaves my skin feeling super soft and brightened. I can tell when I haven’t used the Overtime Mask for a while, my skin looks way duller. 

The smell is not my favorite but I think it’s because of the pumpkin smell and I’m not a huge fan of these types of smells. But I kinda got used to it and don’t mind it anymore. Plus I think it’s way more important that I see the difference than liking or disliking the smell so I’m fine. 

I like to combine this mask with the Jetlag Mask for hydration. I sometimes use them both at the same time, where I apply the Overtime Mask on my T-zone and the Jetlag mask on my cheeks. Otherwise, I like to first use the Overtime Mask, wash it off and apply the Jetlag Mask. This combination works very well for my skin and I can tell my skin is brightened and hydrated! 

The Summer Fridays Overtime Mask retails for $44 which is pretty expensive for a mask. But you’ll get a huge amount of product and if you use it once a week like me, you can do 6-8 months with it for sure. Maybe even longer. In the end, it’s worth the investment since your skin will look amazing! 

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask is available at their own website, Sephora, Cult Beauty and Selfridges

Have you ever tried Summer Fridays products? 

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