Best Eyeshadow Palettes

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Best Eyeshadow Palettes ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on March 3, 2021

I dived into my own collection to find my personal favorites, and in my opinion, I picked out the 10 best eyeshadow palettes for spring. I’ve included more neutral-toned palettes, as well as pastels and some brighter colored palettes. Curious to see which color stories I picked and which palettes I think are high performance too? Then keep on reading!

First of all, I struggled to pick my favorites because my eyeshadow palettes are my babies and I have way too many of them lol. Moreover, I tried to include as many permanent palettes as well if not all of them, because I want you to be able to buy them if you like them. Most of the palettes in this post aren’t particularly new on the market though, which I think is important to mention for the people who want the newest of the newest products.

I created this post with the general beauty-loving customer in mind, but with various natural beauty lovers and colorful beauty lovers. This way I hope everyone can find this post helpful and find one of their future best eyeshadow palettes. 🙂

10 Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

These are the first 5 palettes I picked for these 10 best eyeshadow palettes post which I think a gorgeous for spring. We have some neutrals, some pastels, and a couple more vibrant colors here.

KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Eyeshadow Palette – $45 | I personally love mauves and plums for a romantic spring look so I had to include this palette. It’s one of my favorite palettes and I barely want to touch it because I think it’s so pretty (I know this sounds pretty stupid, oh well.. lol). Click here to read my review on this palette.

Natasha Denona Mini Zendo Eyeshadow Palette – $25 | This one has some similar colors in it as the KKW Beauty palette, so again I love my pinks, mauves, and plums in spring. This palette contains a silver metallic as well which I think gives some nice variety to your looks. Click here to read my review on this palette.

Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Lilac – $29 | I love the Huda Beauty eyeshadow formula and I have an obsession (don’t mind this bad pun) with pastels lately. The purple shades in this palette are stunning and I also love that marble-like pan design in one of the shades! Follow me on Instagram for a review there soon.

Sigma Beauty Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette – $49 | For some reason, this palette screams spring to me. Even though it could be very pretty in fall and summer too. Basically, all year round if I say so. It has some gorgeous orange and reddish shades in it and some stunning shimmers. I really like this one so I had to be included in this post! Click here to see swatches of this palette.

Colourpop Bare Necessities Eyeshadow Palette – $34 | A gorgeous, warm neutral-toned palette I’m in love with. The color story is literally a dream. This palette has perfect base colors, neutral/brownish colors, and more pinkish colors and mauves. You can create so many looks with this palette and it’s super affordable too! Review on this palette is coming soon on the blog, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Let’s start by mentioning that I’ve included one palette here that’s a limited edition one and I don’t think it’s available anymore. And that’s the Kylie Cosmetics x Koko Kollection Eyeshadow Palette – $42 | I don’t want to mention limited edition products in this post but I just had to include this palette because it has some perfect tones for spring. Some soft yellow and peach colors with a bit of pink too. I’m pretty sure there’s something similar on the market so that’s why I decided to include it, just to show you the tones. Click here to read my review on this palette.

Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Pink – $29 | Yes, that’s right, this is the sister of the Lilac palette I already showed you. As I already said, I love pastels and it’s a palette that is in the direction of the Kylie Cosmetics Koko Palette based on the colors. The colors are a bit more vibrant but I still really like this palette a lot! Follow me on Instagram for a review there soon.

Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette – $129 | This beauty is an expensive one for sure and not for everyone’s budget (I purchased it during a sale, otherwise I would never pay this amount of money for a palette) but it has some gorgeous spring colors. It’s definitely s more vibrant palette with bright yellow, red, and orange but you can create some colorful spring looks with it for sure. Click here to read my review on this palette.

Colourpop Cosmetics California Love Eyeshadow Palette – $18 | Colourpop is quick with discontinuing its products so I don’t know if this palette is going to be around us for a while or not, but I wanted to include this one because it’s a way more affordable option than the Natasha Denona one but it has some similar colors in it. Click here to read my review on this palette.

Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette – $65 | Last but not least, this is exactly my favorite palette and one of the best eyeshadow palettes out there. The tones are stunning, the pigmentation is perfect… I’m in love with this one and I love how this palette is more affordable than the other big Natasha Denona palettes. This palette is my go-to spring (and the rest of the year) eyeshadow palette! Review on this palette is coming soon on the blog, subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite palette out of these 10 is or what your recommendations for the best eyeshadow palettes for spring are!

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    1. Oh yessss, me too! I can’t wait to play around with spring colors! The Lilac Huda palette is one of the palettes I can’t wait to wear a lottttt this spring. 🙂

  1. I really love the look of the Koko palette. I wish I got it! I do like the Huda pastels too but I found them to be not as pigmented as her other minis. Great post xx

  2. I really want the Huda Beauty Pastel Palettes. I only haven’t got them because I feel conscious of how many eyeshadow palettes I already own. I totally love the Sigma Cor-de-Rosa Eyeshadow Palette. The formula and pigmentation are amazing. I think it’s a lovely spring/summer eyeshadow palette. Also, I’m desperate to try a Natasha Denona palette as I hear nothing but amazing things.

    1. Natasha Denona palettes are literally so good, the $129 price tag is my only con, to be honest, so I would suggest wait for a sale or get the $65 palettes which are just as good!

    1. Hi Tiziana, thank you so much for your recommendation! I’ve never tried an Iconic London product before but I’ll be checking them out! 🙂

  3. These palettes are really stunning! The colours are so bright and brilliant. I usually use Pixi palettes, but I have to try also the ones you have recommended. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xx Dasynka

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