The 10 Best Travel Skincare Tips

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Traveling is one of the best things in life. Discovering new countries, new cultures, making amazing memories. It’s a blessing to travel! But as you might’ve experienced yourself, traveling can be hard for your skin. I’m sharing the 10 best travel skincare tips, to make sure you’ll have a great, glowing and healthy skin before, during and after your travel! 

Traveling can be hard on the skin as you’ll be exposed to new fabrics, atmospheres, sun, cold weather, dry air on the plane, etc. We want to make sure our skin is in the best state and will stay that way during our travel. Skincare is an important part of achieving that. 

I’ve separated my tips into three categories: skincare tips before your travel, skincare tips during your travel and skincare tips after your travel. This way your skin is going to be happy and healthy wherever you are! Let’s get into the travel skincare tips immediately! 

Travel Skincare Tips

The 10 Best Travel Skincare Tips

Before your travel

Before you head out to the next amazing adventure, make sure to prepare your skin before traveling. Here are some tips to make sure you’re totally prepared and good to go: 

1. Travel Skincare Routine 

Before you even get close to your destination, you need to plan your skincare routine and adapt it to your travel needs. Different destinations need different skincare products. However, you can’t go wrong with sunscreen and hydrating products. Going to a cold destination? Check out these skincare tips.

 It’s important to carefully pack your favorite skincare products into your suitcase. Tip: Put them in bags (preferable not plastics – not ethical) so when a little accident happens, you don’t have skincare products all through your suitcase. 

2. Healthy Habits 

Make sure you keep up with your healthy habits weeks before your travel. Try to eat as healthy as possible and drink enough water! Take special care of your skin right before your trip to ensure you don’t suffer any breakouts or skin reactions during a thrilling vacation.

The 10 Best Travel Skincare Tips

During your travel

It’s finally time for your travel! Your skin is feeling good and ready for the trip but these travel skincare tips are going to make sure your skin stays that way:

3. Hydrate before you step on the plane 

When traveling by plane, it’s super important to stay hydrated. Flying at an altitude means your skin will be needing some extra hydration to keep it from getting flaky or dry. Right before your flight, make sure to hydrate your skin. The brand ‘Summer Fridays’ has the perfect mask, called Jet Lag Mask, which is perfect for deep hydration and you can leave this on if you want to. 

4. Hydrate while you’re on the plane 

Make sure you’re drinking enough while on the plane, this is super important as well as taking good care of your skin from the outside. Try to hydrate your skin during your flight, this could be with a hydrating spray or a moisturizing cream. I use the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator and the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray to keep my skin hydrated during a flight. These are my favorite travel skincare tips because both products are really hydrating and I love them for traveling, but also when I just need some extra hydration.

5. Clean your skin and hydrate after your flight

It might sound pretty obvious but make sure to clean your skin the moment you arrive at the place you’re staying at. Use a gentle face wash to make sure your face is clean and then but some moisturizer on. 

6. Cleanse, moisturize and consistency is key

Traveling may also expose your skin to more pollution and damaging elements, depending on where you’re going in the world. Slight changes in your diet and routine may cause your skin to react and give you acne or rashes. To try and minimize the damaging to the skin, cleanse your skin regularly and don’t eat too unhealthy. 

You also need to make sure you’re thoroughly moisturizing your skin at least twice a day during your travels. Forgetting the moisturizing step could lead to tightness and dryness and leave your skin vulnerable to breakouts. If you’re planning on drinking alcohol during your trip, then don’t forget to moisturize too because alcohol works drying on the skin too. 

Also, you can help reduce the chances of your skin going crazy during your vacation by being consistent with your skincare routine and using the same products you normally use at home. 

Last but not least, don’t touch your face too much! Strictly live by this rule when traveling. You might pick up unknown bacteria that can cause multiple skin issues. Wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash or sanitizer as much as possible.

7. SPF

It doesn’t matter where you’re going if it’s hot or cold, sunny or not: always bring SPF with you. Sunscreen goes a long way in taking care of your skin and the way it looks.  “Never skimp on sunscreen,” Dr. Lipner says, “and be sure to bring sunglasses, a broad-brimmed hat, and sun-protective clothing as well.”

8. Skip or minimize makeup 

As a makeup junkie, this is a tough one for me lol. But during traveling, it’s best to skip makeup or minimize it. Whether you are about to board your flight or check out some tourist spots, it is better to stick to your daily day cream and SPF to let your skin breathe. This is because the changing weather conditions and atmosphere may cause your skin to break out.

9. Beauty Sleep

Not getting enough sleep while traveling can make your skin more prone to issues. So, try to get a good night’s sleep even when you are traveling. Not only will your skin be thankful, but also your body! You’ll have way more energy to do everything you want to do during your trip. 

The 10 Best Travel Skincare Tips

After your travel

10. Consistency

After your travel, stay consistent with your skincare routine as this works best. Moreover, don’t forget to empty the mini’s you might have brought with you during your travel. Don’t keep your mini’s in your suitcase for weeks/months for your next travel, you’re products won’t be working as they should be working or are even expired. 

Do you have any additional travel skincare tips? And which travel skincare tips work for you? Let me know in the comments! 

See you next time loves, 


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