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  1. I have been curious about Rare Beauty. After reading this review I definitely want to try the blush and highlighter. The packaging is so gorgeous! There are great gift sets out there right now, which are a perfect chance to try the brand out.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  2. LOL I remember when Sel announced the range, you were not having it!!! But I think she came out of the gate strong.

    I agree with nearly all of your thoughts here except I still love the foundation. However, I have super oily skin so that could be why it doesn’t look dry on me. I’ve seen others with drier skin say that they weren’t huge fans of the foundation either.

    And that concealer has a LITERAL vendetta against me. I swear it was invented to intentionally make my eye bags look like a creasy mess. I won’t even discuss what it does if I use it around other parts of my face…. like my nose!