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    1. Right?! Skincare can be so expensive so having a high-quality product that does exactly what it should do and is super affordable is so nice! 🙂

  1. I still need to try this cleansing balm. I’ve pretty much only heard great things about it, except for the packaging, but I know The Inkey List has so many affordable staple products. Cleansing balms are my true weakness, and I think me and you like some similar products, so thanks for this honest review! I’ll be picking this up in the future

    1. I get why people aren’t the biggest fan of the packaging, but as someone with long nails (and I know you have long nails too) and easily scooping cleansing balms/products with my nails – and I hate getting things behind my nails hahaha – I’m kinda happy with this packaging lol. We indeed like similar products so I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this cleansing balm too!