Tips For A Successful No Buy Makeup Month

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This has been and probably always will be one of the hardest things to do: not buying any makeup for a while. I write this because I try having a no buy makeup month. I thought it’s a good idea to share my tips for a successful no buy makeup month!


In the last couple of months, I have been buying a lot of makeup, so often that I don’t think there have been longer than 2 weeks between new products. Which means I buy new products for more than 2 times a month. Mostly not 1 product at a time but at least 2 or more products. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I know. It’s not really normal, it’s more like an addiction. Every time I buy new products, I already want more. As a makeup lover, you might get this, because there are so many launches of new products and everything looks nice and you want to try everything.

At some moment, I was overwhelmed by the number of products I had. This made me realize I just wanted to enjoy the new products I got. So I made a rule for myself: I’m not buying any makeup this month. I started May 28 and by the time you’ll read this, I passed my 4 weeks of not buying any makeup.

Also, I did a good declutter session as well. If you would like to see this, go check out this post.

Tips For A Successful No Buy Makeup Month

My Tips For A Successful No Buy Makeup Month

  1. First of all, every time a product gets announced or released I ask myself the question ‘Do I really need this?’ Most of the time the answer is no.
  2. Moreover, I made a wishlist with the products I really want to buy in the future. I do this so I can oversee all the products I want and see how much these products would cost me if I would buy them. It makes me realize to save money.
  3. I’ve been reading about minimalism. This kind of lifestyle really inspires me and I really want to end up being a minimalist in the future. I will always have too much makeup because it’s my passion and what I love most, but because of minimalism, I want to have a different thinking pattern which encourages me to only buy things I really really really love.
  4. Enjoy the products I already have. I mean, I have so many amazing products and of course, I enjoy them but I wasn’t really living in the moment. I was already thinking about new products. Right now, I’m just enjoying the products I already have and I’m not thinking about new stuff. What I said before, I have more space in my head.
  5. I unsubscribed from email lists. I was subscribed to almost every brand out there which emailed me so much that I could only think about new products. That’s why I unsubscribed. And it’s so nice not feeling restless! Oh, and not having 100 emails to check every day.

Final Thoughts

This month of not buying makeup was just a challenge for me to finally change my way of thinking and I think it really helped me to realize that enough is enough. I’m not giving this way of thinking up because the month is over. I know I’ll end up buying new makeup, but only if I really love it or really need it. The way of thinking changed from ‘I need everything, right now!’ to ‘I only buy products if I really need it, really love it and if I saved money for it.’

The only thing I find difficult about not buying new makeup is when brands say it’s limited edition. I really don’t want to miss out on good products. This is something I want to work on and hopefully not being so tempted to buy products in the future when they’re limited edition. You always have to have something to work on right?

Hope to see you next time loves,
xoxo Simone


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  1. 6.28.18
    kallistasworld said:

    This is a great post because I can relate to this so much! Makeup is forever coming out and I just seem to want it all! I’ll be trying these tips for sure.

    • 6.28.18
      Simone said:

      Thank you so much, I hope that my tips are going to help you! ❤️