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Over the years, I have been gathering a lot of KKW Beauty products. If I tell you I own pretty much 80% of all the products, I think I’m not lying. I became a fan of the brand and because I’ve purchased so many products, I know perfectly which products are the best out of the whole product range and which products you should skip. In today’s blog post I’m sharing the top 5 best KKW Beauty products for you to splurge on!

The Top 5 KKW Beauty Products

1. KKW Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes – this has to be my favorite product out of their whole product range. The eyeshadow palettes are pigmented, soft, easy to apply and blend. Moreover, Kim’s eyeshadow palettes are way more consistent than sister Kylie’s (Kylie Cosmetics) palettes if I’m being honest. The KKW Beauty eyeshadow palettes are most of the time on the neutral-toned side, which isn’t for everyone but I do like that they produce products that fit Kim Kardashian and things she would actually wear. Even though I basically love all the KKW Beauty palettes, some of my favorites are The Crystallized Palette, The Classic Palette, and The Classic Blossom Palette.

2. KKW Beauty Lip Liners – another product that I really adore and use on a daily basis are the Lip Liners. First of all, I really love the nude lip liners color range because I’m a sucker for nudes so the more the better. Second of all, the formula is just bomb. It’s a very creamy texture that glides onto the lips but is long-wearing at the same time.

The lip liners work perfectly with the KKW Beauty lipsticks (some lipsticks and lip liners are the same so they match perfectly) but work with other lipsticks or lip products from another brand as well. My all-time favorite lip liner is Nude 1.5! I also really love Taupewood, which was a part of the Crystallized Collection.

3. KKW Beauty Créme Contour Stick – I’ve never reviewed this one on the blog, I don’t really know why though, but I personally really love this. It’s one of the first créme products I’ve ever tried and even though I didn’t really know how to work with it at the time I started using it, it always looked great. It’s super blendable and basically melts into the skin. Moreover, it always looks really natural and you can easily adjust if you made little mistakes. It’s super beginner-friendly and easy to travel with too!

The Créme Contour Stick is available as a single as well as in a duo version, which also contains a highlighting stick. I haven’t tried the highlighting stick myself, but I wouldn’t say it’s a need, based on other people’s reviews.

4. KKW Beauty Eyeliners – Even though it’s a pretty basic pencil eyeliner, I do really like the formula. Just like the lip liners, the texture is smooth and glides on but then sets and stays on all day. I also like the colors that are available, such as the Navy Blue one and the Nude one. The pigment of the eyeliners is amazing and overall, the formula is just great. The product might look basic, and it is in some way, but it’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t already.

5. KKW Beauty Nude Lipglosses – Last but definitely not least is the Gloss formula. I’m planning on doing a review, so this is basically a sneak peek, but the formula is great. It makes me think of the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss formula, but this formula is different, a bit more pigmented, and thicker. The pigment is amazing, they’re comfortable and stay on for a pretty good amount of time (it is a gloss so you have to re-apply after 1-2 hours or so). I love how these glosses work with the lip liners too btw!

Other products I have been loving from KKW Beauty are their blushes and the Semi-Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They didn’t make the top 5 because I think I have other products in my collection that are just as good (or maybe even better). The products I recommend skipping are the Baking Powder and the Contour Palettes.

Have you ever tried KKW Beauty products? If so, what are your favorite products? If not, would you want to try the brand? Let me know in the comments!

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