Tuesdays Tips: best way to apply foundation

I never wore foundation till I bought my first ever foundation in NYC. I bought the Fenty Beauty foundation because I’ve been super curious to try this out. Since I’m new to the game, I had to practice a bit and search for good tips myself. I thought it would be a good idea to share these tips with you!

First of all, I guess most of you all know how to apply foundation but there could be girls or boys out there who are just like me. Moreover, some people use foundation for years but might not apply it the most natural way and can still learn things from this blogpost.

Step 1: Make your skin ready
It’s important that you’ll have a clean, moisturized face before you even start applying foundation. I always wash my face really good before going to bed, so in the morning I only wash my face with water and apply a day creme to moisturize and primer. It’s an option to clean your face with makeup remover to make sure your face is really clean before moisturizing.

Step 2: Apply foundation 
There are different ways to apply your foundation. You can apply it with a brush, a sponge or even your fingers if you would like that. You could mix these methods as well. When applying the foundation, you start off in the center of your face and blend this out. Tip: when using a sponge/beauty blender it’s important to make it wet (more like damp) because it won’t absorb the foundation.  If you use your fingers, make sure to wash your hands before touching your face because of bacterias.

Step 3: Cover blemishes/redness 
You might want to cover some blemishes and/or redness. Use extra foundation at the place you want more coverage. Tap this into the skin and voila, there’s more coverage!

Step 4: Set your foundation 
It’s important to set your foundation otherwise, it might make your foundation look creasy or shiny (when you have a more oily skin) during the day. You must set with a translucent powder, for example, Laura Mercier Translucent powder. Using a soft, small brush, gently tap any excess product off then sweep the setting powder only over areas that tend to be shiny: in between the eyebrows, down and around the nose, under the eye, and on the chin. Make sure you don’t use too much powder, because you still want your foundation to look natural and not cakey.

Keep in mind that I’m not a pro yet in applying foundation and that Google really helped me with applying it the right way haha! If you’ve got any tips, let me know!

Hope to see you next time loves,

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