Tuesdays Tips: my fave mascara’s

Todays Tuesdays Tips is about my favorite mascara’s. I have like an all time favorite mascara and two mascara’s which most of you all might already know. Let’s take a look!

To start off I’ll give you my top 3 and then I’ll talk more about each mascara:

  1. Benefit BADgal BANG! mascara
  2. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
  3. Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara

Le Volume de Chanel mascara

The picture is from Chanel

When I was a little younger I really wanted to try a Chanel product but I never had the money for this so my mom gifted me this mascara for Christmas. I’ve never been so happy with a gift! Since then I’m always buying this mascara myself and I love it. It’s definitely a more expensive one and I won’t say it’s not replaceable but this one will always be one of my favorite mascara’s. This mascara gives you more volume and makes your lashes intense black. I love the brush to apply it as well. Sometimes I literally struggle to apply mascara because of the brush and I don’t have that with this one. I’ve placed this one on place 3 because if you don’t wipe the brush off, you can get way too much product on the brush and that’s not nice applying. If you know, it doesn’t have to be a problem though.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

The picture is from myself

I think most of you all know about this mascara. I was pretty late to the game because we didn’t have a Sephora in the Netherlands anymore and I couldn’t buy Too Faced. When I was on vacation in Spain, I found a Sephora and bought this mascara. I loved this one and I was getting why everyone loved this mascara so much. I love how this mascara makes my lashes look so long and volumized. “One coat and lashes are full and defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled, and dramatic. Three coats help you achieve the most intense, black, multidimensional lashes possible” is how Sephora describes this mascara and I fully agree.

Benefit BADgal BANG! mascara

The picture is from www.douglas.nl

I felt like everyone was so enthusiastic about this mascara that I had to try this and I love it so much. It’s the one I use right now and I do think it’s my favorite at the moment. It stays on sooo good and makes my eyelashes look so pretty. This is what Sephora says: “This gravity-defying formula builds volume the more you layer, and contains aero-particles, which are one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology. This innovative, intense, pitch black mascara layers easily for a bigger impact. The brush is designed to reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of both your upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360-degree reach. This smudge-proof, water-resistant, volumizing mascara is also formulated with provitamin B5 to support natural lash thickness and strength.” I agree it’s really smudge-proof, volumizing and super intense black. How nice this is also good for you lashes as well? Awesome!

These 3 mascara’s a definitely worth it! Do you have one of these? What do you think? Let me know what your favorite mascara is!

Hope to see you next time loves,

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