The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide For The Holidays

December 14, 2020

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This Wellness Gift Guide is perfect for the self-care lovers in your life or if you want to treat yourself to something too. I mean, we’re allowed to give ourselves a tap on the shoulder and a little gift every once in a while too, don’t we? So I made a Gift Guide of 15 gifts you could gift yourself or your loved ones for the ultimate self-care! Get ready to get cozy!

Gift Guide: 15 Gifts To Treat Others or Yourself

The Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide For The Holidays

One of the things that’s on my own wishlist is a diffusor. They can not only provide humidity to your home but also have medical and therapeutic benefits through the diffusion of essential oils. In my opinion, this is a must-have if you want to treat yourself because this can help you improve your health, mentally and physically.

The next two things I can’t live without are a blanket and cozy socks or slippers. I have it cold easily so I need these items in my life to make sure I have it warm and it makes me feel super cozy during the winter. Make sure to gift the self-care lovers in your life something cozy and don’t forget to treat yourself to these items too, to make sure you feel good when you’re laying on the couch watching a movie or series. Don’t forget to buy some candles and put them on! Another great way to make yourself warm and cozy. You deserve it!

I once wrote a blog post about tips to drink more water and one of the tips I gave was buying a water bottle and keep it with you all day. It might not be one of the things you think about when treating yourself or a loved one BUT drinking enough water is so important for your health and your skin.

If you’re more of a tea person, buy a cute, big mug to remind yourself or your loved one to drink tea. Oh and besides that, a mug or water bottle can help you drink more, it’s also sustainable (you don’t have to buy plastic water bottles all the time) and it saves you money if you’re normally buying drinks at Starbucks. Win-win!

Another great way to treat yourself and have a moment of pure relaxation is to have a spa day at home. This gift guide wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include to buy your loved one or yourself a face mask and eye patches, grab a good book, and relax! If you have a bath, take a bath while taking care of your skin and reading a book. I would recommend reading a self-help book or business & investing book, to keep you inspired and motivated.

The self-care doesn’t stop here because if you just took a bath or a shower, you want to cover your whole body in a body cream. You’ll smell amazing and feel as soft as possible. Don’t we all love to feel soft?! So it makes the perfect gift as well. And you’ll feel extra cozy when you plopped on the couch! Oh and don’t forget to put on cozy loungewear set either. I mean, loungewear, a blanket, and cozy socks? Hello, extreme coziness! Top it off with some hand cream and you’re good to go watch your favorite series!

You don’t have to believe in the power of crystals, I would still recommend them because they make a great decoration for your house as well. Besides that, they generate good vibes too. You can also choose to wear your crystals instead of displaying them. It’s all up to you!

The last items I love for when I have to go outside, are knit beanies. I hate being cold so I need something to keep me warm. Besides that, these knit beanies look cute as f*ck too!

The last tip I want to give you: you could also treat yourself and your loved one(s) and have a cozy, snugly day of self-care together!

Did this gift guide inspire you? What are you getting for yourself or your loved ones? Let me know in the comments!

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