What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018

June 9, 2018

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This is one of the most exciting blog posts for me ever! I’m so excited to tell you guys about the products I’ve picked up during my stay in NYC. Hope you guys enjoy this!
First of all, I would like to give you some background information about my trip to NYC. Since I was 12 years old I really wanted to go to the USA and my parents thought this would be a phase but no, while growing up I kept telling them I just loved the USA. I don’t know why but I just feel a connection with the USA, it almost feels like home even though I’ve never been there before my trip to NYC. So last year, my family and I decided that we would spend our vacation in NYC! You can’t imagine how happy I was when we booked. 🙂 So we stayed in NYC for 9 days, visited all the ‘must-see’ places (but I really want to go back to visit even more places because there’s so much to see in NYC) and enjoyed it very much! I already miss NYC and I really want to go back!

Besides I really like the USA and NYC in this case, I also really like going there because we don’t have a Sephora in the Netherlands. Moreover, the CVS store was amazing as well because we don’t have that much stuff in our drugstores. I’ve gone to a Sephora three times in my life I guess, but that was always somewhere in Europe (Paris and Barcelona) and they don’t sell all the brands the US Sephora’s have. So for a beauty lover, it’s actually a dream to visit the Sephora in the USA and I’ve been there several times (and several different locations) during my visit in NYC and I enjoyed it so much! I’ve bought a lot of nice products which I’ll be showing you in this blog post.

Most of the products I still have to use or I just started using so I can’t tell about everything how I like it. I’ll be reviewing all of them in the upcoming weeks so if you want to hear more about a certain product, check out my blog every Saturday. 🙂

What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018 ⋆ Beautymone
Most of the products I bought aren’t available in the Netherlands. I can buy these products online though, but I always have to pay customs which made me wait for NYC. For the first time, I could swatch my products from the USA before buying them, so nice haha! Let’s take a closer look at the products.

  • Huda Beauty Pink Sand Edition 3D Highlighter Palette

It was sold out at the first Sephora I went too and I was devastated because I thought this palette was super pretty when I swatched it in store. It’s the Huda Beauty Pink Sand Edition 3D highlighter palette. How gorgeous?! When I swatched it for the first time I was so in love with the colors. I’ve used this palette a couple of times now and it’s amazing. I’m glad I was able to find this palette at another Sephora at Times Square.

  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Trooper

What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018 ⋆ Beautymone
Of course, I had to get another Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the color Trooper (black). I already have one because I bought my first one a year ago at a Spanish Sephora and I needed a back-up. It’s just a perfect eyeliner which stays on all day. I don’t think I’ve ever had another eyeliner as good as this one.

  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Powder

Urban Decay is a brand which is available in the Netherlands thankfully, but this product isn’t for sale here yet so that’s why I decided to take it home with me! It’s a gorgeous setting powder which promises to be waterproof. I still have to try if it’s waterproof but it stays on all day which is great! I can’t wait to play more with this powder.

  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation shade 190 

What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018 ⋆ Beautymone

My first ever foundation! I own a couple of Fenty Beauty products because I was able to get them from the UK but I couldn’t just order a foundation because of the color. I never wore foundation so I didn’t know which color I needed. The Sephora girl matched me with this color, it’s 190. I do think it might be slightly too dark but I have to try it a little bit more to be sure. If it’s too dark I might get a lighter shade so I can mix them together!

  • Laura Mercier Setting Powder

So many people are loving this powder so I had to try this. I bought a mini version because it’s quite expensive and I didn’t know if I would like this. I’ve used a couple of times now and for so far I like it! I really have to use this more to give my real opinion but I do think I end up really liking it!

  • Too Faced Cooling Matte Skin Perfecting Primer

What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018 ⋆ Beautymone
I was looking for a nice primer and found this one from Too Faced. Mom and I decided to try one together and we both liked this one the most when we swatched some primers in store. It smells so good and it really feels nice on the skin!

  • Huda Beauty Mauve mini eyeshadow palette

Look at this beauty! I didn’t use it yet because of the amount of new makeup I bought and I’m a little bit overwhelmed lol. But this mini Huda Beauty Mauve eyeshadow palette is stunning. Can’t wait to swatch it for a review! I was doubting to buy the Desert Dusk palette but I wasn’t super in love with it when I saw in in real life and the price made me not buy it. This palette replaced the Desert Dusk palette haha. I think this is a fall eyeshadow palette and I guess I’m going to use it so much!

  • Tarte Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette

Tarte eyeshadow palettes are on my wishlist since forever! This palette was literally the first product I put in my basket. The Tarte Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette is one of the most pretty palettes I’ve ever seen. I actually wanted to buy more palettes but ended up with only this palette because of the amount of money I’ve spent on all the products lol. But this palette has my heart and I love it so much already.

  • Kat Von D Lolita OG lipstick

You know I had to try a Kat Von D lipstick! I’ve tried her liquid lipstick formula which I wasn’t the biggest fan of so this time I went for a lipstick. It’s Lolita OG and it’s such a pretty color. I really can’t wait to wear this color more!

  • Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Wifey 

What I Bought In NYC! Sephora Haul | May 2018 ⋆ Beautymone

Another Huda Beauty product! I really wanted to try the liquid lipstick out so I got the color Wifey. A pinkish nude color which I really like. I have to say that I wore this lipstick one time and I wasn’t disappointed. Most of the liquid lipsticks I try from different brands I don’t really like because Kylie Cosmetics has my favorite matte liquid lipsticks ever. But I like this one! I do have to try it more to give my honest opinion.

  • MAC Cosmetics lipstick Modesty

Last but not least, I went to the MAC store. The only product I didn’t buy at Sephora haha. MAC is easy to buy in the Netherlands but you know I love their lipsticks so much I just got another one. It’s Modesty and it looks a little bit like Velvet Teddy but more creamy. It’s definitely a pretty color!

That’s it! I think I did a pretty good job, what do you think? Do you like the products I bought? I’m so happy with everything I got and I already miss the Sephora haha!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

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  • kallistasworld

    June 9, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    I can just tell how excited you are by reading! I bet you’ll love all of these products!

    1. Simone

      June 9, 2018 at 10:38 pm

      I actually do, the products are so amazing!

  • fortyflirtyfabulous

    June 9, 2018 at 11:53 pm

    I have the Huda Beauty palette you bought and love it! The formula is really nice. I want to try one of her liquid lipsticks, too!.

    1. Simone

      June 10, 2018 at 10:24 am

      Good to hear!! I still have to try it oops haha but I think I’ll like it too!

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