What’s In My $1000 Sephora Fantasy Basket? It Might Be A Bit… Insane!

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What would I do if I could spend money on whatever I want whenever I want? I would obviously take my credit card to the closest Sephora to splurge everything that is on my list. Since this isn’t my reality right now, I’m participating in the tag that is going around where the person is explaining what would be in their Sephora fantasy basket if they had $1000 to spend. 

Beauty YouTuber, Emily Noel created the $1,000 Dream Sephora Haul tag in June. Click here to watch her original video. 

This blog post is in collaboration with two of my sweet friends & fellow bloggers LP from The Newbury Girl and Mimi from Blushy Darling. We’re basically talking about new beauty launches, our favorite beauty products, and our latest hauls every single day. It’s exciting to do this together!

Check out their take on this tag here: 


I’ll go over what I’ve picked and why I’ve picked them first. After that, I’ll divide the products into 4 categories to see where I would spend the biggest part of the money on. The 4 categories are makeup, skincare, bodycare, and haircare. 

I started off by putting lots of things in my basket and eventually, I could bring it down to exactly $1000. Let me go over the products I’ve put in my cart! 


I’ve been wanting the Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose Eyeshadow Palette for so long now but the price is just too much for me right now. However, it was the first thing that popped in my head when I thought of my $1000 fantasy basket so I had to put it in there! This palette is going to be mine in the future.

The next product I knew I had to put in my basket is another Pat McGrath Labs product. It’s their Sublime Perfection Foundation. I have been seeing so many beauty influencers loving this foundation which makes me super curious. Obviously, I didn’t put the right shade in my fantasy basket because I could never pull off a Medium Deep shade but I was too lazy to sort through the shades to find the right shade lol. Anyways, I would love to try this foundation once!

Up next is Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipsticks. It’s not the question if I’m going to buy it but when. I basically want all the shades (except that bright pink one lol) but I just put one in my fantasy basket because it would’ve been a very boring post otherwise haha. Anyways, I’ve been loving sheer formulas lately and I feel like the swatches of these lipsticks look so good! I’ve only seen positive reviews so I know I’m going to buy a couple of these lipsticks eventually. I’m waiting for a Fenty sale!


Patrick Ta feels like an innovative brand to me after I tried their lip liner and lip creme a while ago. Since that moment I knew I wanted to try more products and when their Velvet Blushes got revealed I knew I wanted to try one. The shade She’s Adorable seems like a gorgeous blush shade and I would love to try it. 

I’m not going to lie, everything that Hailey Bieber promotes is something I need in my life lol. Since she is a bareMinerals ambassador, I got introduced to the brand and pleasantly surprised as well. I’m at the point where I just want more and more from the brand! The Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipsticks looked great on Hailey in their campaign but I’ve also seen several bloggers swatching them and they look amazing. Since I’m a sucker for nude lipsticks, I would love to try the shade Grace. 

Next up is a Charlotte Tilbury product. It’s the Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder and it seems to be very loved by the beauty community. Since I hit pan on my favorite Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder, I need a replacement in the near future and I would love to try this one. I’m curious to see why everyone is loving this setting powder so much. 


Obviously there’s more Charlotte Tilbury in this fantasy basket! I have been hearing amazing reviews about basically all the Charlotte Tilbury foundations but I personally really want to try the Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation. First of all, the packaging looks stunning and it actually sounds like a gorgeous looking foundation with a natural-looking effect. I think it’s perfect for summer (or if you prefer this natural look, it’s perfect for any season) and I would love to try this one.

Dominique Cosmetics came out with an Ultra Hydrating Fine Mist and I have been hearing good things about it so far. The thing I like most about this spray is that it’s actually spraying like a mist, so you don’t have drips on your face or just a hard spritz in your face lol. I would love to try this one and see if it works well!

I would never pay the full price for this product but it’s a fantasy basket so I can put in here whatever product I would like lol. I’ve heard so many great things about this Drunk Elephant Retinol Cream and so it ended in my basket. It’s supposed to minimize dark spots and fine lines as well as boosting collagen production and reveal healthy-looking skin. I mean, it sounds very good so I would like to see if it would work for my skin as well. But again, no way I would really pay that much money in real life for this cream.


I loved the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser and I have been looking at the brand’s products ever since. The one that intrigued me the most is this new E-Rase Milki Micellar Water. I love micellar water for my first round of cleaning my face and wiping off makeup so I would love to try this one. I also think it’s great that this product is considered as Clean Beauty at Sephora.

I’ve never tried a Fresh product before and I’ve been wanting to for so long. I finally purchased two Fresh products very recently but that purchase didn’t include this Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum. The deep hydration sounded good to be and that’s basically why I want to try this product. I’m always looking for good moisturizing products.

The Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Toner has been on my wishlist for a while now. I’m not even sure why I want it so bad because I haven’t seen many reviews on it lol but for some reason, it’s screaming my name. I like to discover pore-tightening products though so I think that’s the biggest reason why I’m curious to try this.


Another Glow Recipe product that I really want to try is this Pineapple-C Brightening Serum. I really like brightening serums and I love trying new ones to see which works best for my skin. I’ve tried a Glossier Vitamin C brightening serum and I’m now trying an Ole Henriksen one, but I’m always open to trying other brands and products as well. That’s why I’ve put this one on my list!

I absolutely love the luxury vibes Hourglass has and I would love to try the brand. I haven’t tried anything just yet but this brand is definitely on my wishlist so I had to put at least one product in my fantasy basket. I’m a sucker for a good blush and this Ambient Lightning Blush is basically a blush and highlighter in one, I really appreciate a natural-looking glow to my face so I really want to try this one!

When I started writing this blogpost and creating my list, I included the Huda Beauty Hydrating and Nourishing Lip Balm in my fantasy basket. Now I’m finishing up the post, I realized I bought it during their recent Buy One Get One Free sale lol. So I could actually remove this from my list but I decided to keep in on here because I have been wanting to try this lip balm for a while now and I’m very excited for it to arrive.


Oops, another Huda Beauty product I bought during their Buy One Get One Free sale. And it’s another Hydrating Lip Balm. I’m a sucker for lip balms so I had to put it on my Sephora fantasy basket wishlist but as a beauty lover with no self-control, I had to buy two of them during their sale. Another product I could remove from the list but well, I let it stay there because it’s still a want haha.

I have tried this IGK Mistress Hair Balm before and I really liked it! I run out of it a while ago and I actually miss it in my hair care routine so I had to put it in my fantasy basket since I would love to repurchase this product. It’s one of the few products that contains my frizzy hair and brings back my waves/curls.

Since I loved the IGH Hair Balm so much, I would love to try more IGK products. A couple of months ago, when they had a sale, I tried ordering from their website but my credit card got refused sadly. I had this IGK Hydration Hair Mask in my basket and so I had to put it in this one as well since I still really want to try it. I’m looking for products that actually fit my hair structure and it hasn’t been easy so I need to try more products to see what works best for me and my hair.


Another IGK product in this fantasy basket, for the same reason why I’ve put the IGK Hair Mask on this list as well. I wanted to try this but my order didn’t go through and I still want to try it. I have to admit that my scalp isn’t the easiest. It gets irritated so quickly and I can’t use many shampoos without my scalp getting crazy but I still want to try this Anti-Frizz Shampoo.

I was thinking about washing my scalp with my normal shampoo (which my scalp thinks is ok) and to wash the rest of my hair with this one. Not sure if it would be a good idea but well, we all need some adventures in our lives right? lol!

ILIA is a brand that, in my opinion, gained lots of attention just recently. All of a sudden I saw the brand everywhere on Instagram and Youtube. Obviously it got my attention! The brand is striving towards more sustainable packaging as well as natural ingredients in their products. The brand is considered as a clean beauty brand.

Since I’m getting more and more into clean beauty, I would love to try some of their products and this Clean Makeup Set is a perfect start! This way I can try multiple products without spending money on full-size products and finding out I don’t like them.

I have been seeing Kosas products appearing on lots of beauty Instagram accounts lately too and I know The Newbury Girl likes a couple of their products a lot so of course, I had to add the Kosas Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer to this basket. I recently did a little haul on their website but didn’t buy the concealer just yet. I got a sample of it, which I still need to try because my order is on its way still, but if I like it I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it in the future so I already put it in my fantasy basket lol.


I love Sol de Janeiro products! Their Bum Bum Cream is one of my favorite body products ever and the smell, I don’t think anything in this world smells so good. I don’t really like wearing SPF because it’s sticky and greasy but I’m pretty sure wearing this Bum Bum Sol Oil SPF 30 would make it a lot more bearable. I would wear this just for the scent and the SPF would be a benefit lol!

Summer Fridays is one of my favorite brands, I love their Overtime Mask and Jetlag Mask! The R+R Mask is laying in my drawer ready for usage too. I would love to try their Super Amino Gel Cleanser as well since I think this could be a great product. I obviously haven’t tried it but my expectations for Summer Fridays are high so I would love to see if this cleanser is as good as I think it is!

I haven’t tried Laneige products but I keep looking at their products. I’ve seen mixed reviews on the brand though but I would love to try a couple of products myself. That’s why I picked the Hydration To Go set which contains 5 products for normal to dry skin. I would love to test the products this way before I buy full-size products.

Last but not least, the Benefit Roller Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I choose the mini version because it would make my total exactly $1000 lol but I would definitely buy a full-size product. I have this one in Brown and I love it! It’s one of my favorite eyeliner formulas which really stays on my lid perfectly so I would love to add the black version to my collection as well.

Divided In Four Categories

My Sephora Fantasy Basket of $1000 separated per category to see which category I spend the most money on: 

  • Makeup: 14 products and a total of $559
  • Skincare: 7 products and a total of $311
  • Bodycare: 1 product and a total of $38
  • Haircare: 3 products and a total of $92

I didn’t surprise me that I would spend most of the money on makeup. I’m just a sucker for everything makeup related and I would love to try as many products as possible. I’m into skincare more and more lately which means I like to try new products and see how it works for my skin. 

Bodycare and haircare are in general products I’m a little less interested in, even though I still like them. It’s not a surprise that I ended up with just a few products in my fantasy basket. 

I wish I could really spend all this money at Sephora but for now, it has to stay a fantasy lol. However, I really enjoyed doing this challenge! At first, I felt kinda overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start but when I was adding more and more, I even ended up with too much lol. I think I could’ve easily filled a $2000 fantasy basket as well hahaha. 

Did you spy a product in my fantasy basket that would be in yours as well? Let me know in the comments! 


Hi there! Im Simone, 24-years-old born and raised Dutch girl still living in The Netherlands. I graduated in Human Resources and I have a huge passion for all things beauty. Im a dog mom to Bailey, USA obsessed, and lipstick hoarder.

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  1. 8.4.20

    LMAO girl – looking at your list, I was like DAMN I forgot about this and I forgot about that! But sooooo many amazing things on the wish list. I really want that Summer Fridays Gel Cleanser & the Sol De Janeiro Body Oil! Should’ve added them to my list.

    Also, LOL’ing at the Fenty Slip Shines because same. The Pat DR palette is def super pretty, but if you wait you can almost always get her palettes on sale now (at least 10% usually).

  2. 8.4.20

    Love this! So many good products!

  3. 8.4.20
    Mimi said:

    We aren’t always talking about new releases… Oh, wait we are literally doing it right now ahahah! I love the black roller liner, is one of my staples. I’ve gone through 4 or 5 of them and I want the brown too. My basket was like 1500$ when I was done so I had to take it out but I still want it.
    We all have similar items, or in some case the same. It shows we are really friends!

  4. 8.7.20
    Sarah said:

    I just read The Newbury Girl’s version of this, which was awesome, so I couldn’t wait to see yours! Patrick Ta seems to be cropping up everywhere and I feel like I know nothing about the brand lol. So, I deffo need to check it out if you like it.

    I also really love that Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. If it wasn’t for the fact that I own so many pink eyeshadow palettes already, I’d get this one in a heartbeat as well. I swatched this palette in Selfridges last year and it was AMAZING.

    The Glow Recipe Pineapple Serum is awesome. I really enjoyed using mine and the packaging is very fun.

    This was a really fun post and I wish I had access to a Sephora in the UK because then I could go crazy lol. For now, I’ll stick with Cult Beauty, Space NK and Beauty Bay lol

  5. 8.8.20
    Nancy said:

    Dang!! It is so cool that you have a ton of goodies into your $1000 fantasy basket hehe. I haven’t done one before, but it’ll probably add up fast since I only use Chanel makeup lol. I love a lot of these picks! Wow the eyeshadow palette doesn’t mess around. I keep hearing great things about Fenty beauty!! I really like Charlotte Tilbury’s products. It just works! I love that you have a ton of different brands and items. Okay, now looking at your basket, $1000 is not harder than I thought hehe.

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  6. 8.9.20
    Amanda said:

    If I could do a $1000 shopping spree I would definitely splurge on some Natasha Denona and Pat Mc Grath eyeshadow palettes. Overall, there are so many brands that I would like to try. Oh, and there is this $125 fragrance (Magic Salty Flower) that I really want but no one is willing to gift it to me, I wonder why lol

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com