What’s In My Travel Bag? | July 2018

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Even though my holiday is over already, it’s still the holiday season. You might go to a sunny location to relax or going on an active vacation, with a lot of walking/hiking and other activities. I’ve gone on my first active vacation to New York City this year and so I had to pack differently than I normally would. I’m used to packing for a sunny “I’m laying on the beach” vacation destination, so I had to think twice. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share what’s in my travel bag for an active vacation.

First of all, I’m pretty sure there’s a huge difference between active vacations. It’s possible to backpack through the jungle or keep it more simple, just like me, visiting New York City. However, there’s not much laying on the beach in a city lol. Moreover, I’ve been walking tons! Which I don’t normally do. I’ve never been backpacking or on a road trip before, so I won’t be able to share tips for these situations. You might think about a city trip where you walk a lot and explore a lot, that’s the type of active vacation I’m writing about today. 

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What's in my travel bag? Active destination | July 2018

Vacation Time! What’s In My Travel Bag?

As I said before, I had to pack differently for New York City than I normally would for my destinations. However, there’ll always be a couple of things you need for every type of vacation. This includes:

  • Passport
  • Wallet (with cash, credit card and, some local cash) 
  • Mobile phone
  • Chargers
  • Travel documents (such as a visa, boarding tickets, residence confirmation, medical passport/health insurance)
  • Medication (if you need to take medication daily, make sure you have enough with you for the whole holiday + some extra just in case) 
  • Contacts/glasses (I wear contacts so I need to bring these with me otherwise I don’t see sh*t lol) 
  • Always make sure you have painkillers (such as ibuprofen) as well
  • Photocamera
What's in my travel bag? Active destination | July 2018

What did I pack differently than normal?

  • Clothes – I normally bring some dresses, skirts and very summery clothes but this time I mostly packed jeans, t-shirts and just more sporty outfits. 
  • Shoes – Instead of just some flip flops, I brought a couple of sneakers with me which I knew walk very nice to avoid getting blisters. 
  • Camera – We actually bought a new camera for this trip. We wanted to make sure we had a professional camera with us since we imagined we would take a lot of pictures on this trip to NYC. We normally bring a camera with us too, but just a normal simple one.
  • No bikini – this was a weird one, I didn’t bring any swimwear with me since I didn’t need it this time lol. 
  • Less entertainment – Normally I’m reading a lot of books and listening to music a lot, but this time I brought less entertainment with me since I knew I wouldn’t really need it. I made sure I had enough for the flight but I didn’t need much. 

Going into detail – My Handbag 

I always have a handbag and a suitcase with me. In my handbag, I put things that I need during my travel. Of course, I have my passport and travel documents with me and every other document like a medical dossier. I love reading magazines or a book during a flight so I make sure I have enough with me to read. A couple of years ago, I used to bring multiple books with me but since I have an e-reader it’s so much easier and lighter! I bring earbuds with me so I can put these in my ears during the flight. It’s always a good idea to put earbuds in your bag because you might have some noisy neighbors. Moreover, I always have some makeup in my bag. Most of my products are in my suitcase but I need to have mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner with me in case my suitcase gets lost.

Going into detail – My Suitcase 

I always bring too many clothes with me, haha, but I try to make sure I have at least 12 sets of clothes (and panties lol) for a 10 days holiday. Just in case something gets dirty and I can’t clean my clothes. I always bring sunscreen with me, for active and non-active holidays!  Don’t forget to use sunscreen, it’s really important! It’s nice to have a hat and sunglasses with you as well if you just don’t want to have much sun on your face.

Then we have the nicest part: my makeup bag! I always have 2 bags with me: one with skincare products such as makeup remover, face wash, day/night creme, after sun lotion, toothpaste, etc. For traveling, I really like minis so I try to find as many minis as I can.  Such as shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and mini perfumes.

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The next bag is filled with makeup. I’m always trying to just bring the essentials but I end up bringing way too much. However, I always bring mascara, eyeliner, atleast 1 eyeshadow palette, concealer, primer, mattifying powder, blush, highlighter and lipstick.

What’s always in your travel bag? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

See you next time loves!

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