What’s on my wishlist? | August 2018

Another month full of amazing makeup launches and products that have been on my wishlist a little while now. I discussed what was on my wishlist in July but I love to talk about what’s on my wishlist for this month!

Just to make sure, I won’t be buying all the products in this wishlist. I make these lists just for fun and to tell you guys what products I really love by the looks of it. I could end up buying this stuff but it would be over months because I can’t buy everything I want immediately haha. What’s on my wishlist? August 2018:

  • Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection


As you all probably know by now is that I’m a huge Kylie Cosmetics fan (and a Kardashian/Jenner fan in general) and I was looking forward to this collection for so long! Kylie never disappointed me with her collections and products she did over the past years and I love them all, but her birthday collections are always extra special. I know she will put in super much work to deliver a super awesome collection and oh yes she did with this collection! The packaging is so amazing! I love the pictures on it and it’s so cute! The products itself are literally looking stunning as well. I kinda want to buy everything but I guess that would be around $400 and I’m not sure if I’m ready to drop that much money haha. I know for sure that I’m buying the palette, highlighter, a lip kit and at least 2 lipsticks.

  • KKW Beauty Classic Collection


Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian came out with an amazing collection for summer as well, the Classic collection. Kim is literally the queen of neutral looking colors and I’m a neutral lover so we’re matching haha. The palette has my heart and I really really need it! I didn’t buy it yet because I knew I had to save my money for the Kylie birthday collection but I’m dying to get this collection as soon as possible. The palette, the lightest two lipsticks shades and lipliners are definitely on my wishlist. Actually, I saw that some things already sold out so I hope she does a restock! I can’t wait to finally have these beauties in my collection because it’s so pretty!

Seems like I have to admit that I have more KKW Beauty products on my wishlist, I really want some nude lipsticks as well so if I end up buying the Classic collection, I probably get some of these as well.

  • Laura Lee Los Angeles Boss Babe mini palette


Laura Lee came out with 2 mini palettes called ‘Party Animal’ and ‘Boss Babe’. Since I’m in love with the Nudie Patootie palette I think I need the ‘Boss Babe’ palette as well. I’m not really into these bright colors ‘Party Animal’ has so I’m skipping that one. But I want to say that I really like it that Laura did such a bright color scheme because I know a lot of people who really live for palettes like these and brands don’t really make this kind of palettes so she gets credits for that! Another neutral palette I want to add to my collection haha. I do think ‘Boss Babe’ looks a little bit like the Kylie x Kourtney blue palette so I’m waiting with buying ‘Boss Babe’ till I finished that palette. This might take a while though because hitting pan on eyeshadow palettes takes some time haha.

  • Urban Decay Aphrodisiac mini palette 


This picture belongs to @swatchyswatchy where I found swatches of this beautiful Urban Decay mini palette, ‘Aphrodisiac’. I think I’m in love! First I thought I really didn’t need this palette but I kept thinking about it in the end so… I think I probably end up buying it anyways haha. It isn’t available in my country yet so I have to wait a little while until I can get it but it’s for sure on my wishlist. I think the colors are stunning and I love the size of it. It contains enough shades to create a really amazing eye look. Moreover, I have the mini Heat palette (see review here ) and it’s pretty as well so I have high expectations of this one too.

What’s on your wishlist this month? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,


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