What’s on my wishlist? | December 2018

I’ve been doing these type of blog posts for a while now and I think for the first time ever, I had trouble with picking out products to show in this blog post. The biggest reason I had a little blackout is that I have been shopping so much lately, I really have to save some money now haha.

The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection and Black Friday sales had me good this year. I had a list for a couple of months and it was finally time to splurge.. but this means I have to save up some money now! However, I still found some products to put on my wishlist. I don’t think I’m going to buy anything this month though, I’m broke haha.

Since I don’t really have much makeup products on my wishlist right now, I thought it might be nice to include some other items as well. I really want to redecorate my bedroom and I’m planning on getting some new accessories. So I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these type of products as well!

KKW Beauty Glam Bible Volume 1 bundle

Picture from KKW Beauty.

The first and only makeup product on my wishlist this month is the KKW Beauty Glam Bible Volume 1 bundle. I wanted to buy this when it came out actually. But I had to make choices since this bundle came out on Black Friday. That’s why I decided to wait for a little while and I want to get this bundle eventually. I’m not really sure when I’m going to get it though, but it’s high on my wishlist! I really like how KKW Beauty came out with mascara and lashes and I really want to try them!

NYC, LA and Miami posters

Picture is from Desenio

The first decorations for my room are posters. I already own a few posters from Desenio and I really like them a lot! My bedroom is overall just grey, black and white so I wanted to bring some color into my room. The colors I want to include are rose gold and soft pink. So I went to Desenio and decided to look for posters with a pink detail. Since I already own 2 posters from NYC and LA in my bedroom, I wanted to keep that theme and looked for city posters with pink details. I already found 2 of them but I do want some more. I want to play around with multiple posters so I’m still looking around for matching posters.

Rose gold accessories

Picture is from Google.

I first came up with the soft pink color to match the grey theme in my room. When I started to look around for some accessories, I saw a lot of pretty rose gold stuff. That was the moment I started to include that into the theme I’m about to create. I think it’ll look very cute and stylish!

Wall mirror with lights

Picture is from Google.

This had been the biggest struggle for real haha. I really wanted a wall mirror and I already bought one a while ago BUT the lights… I really wanted more like invisible lights (so you wouldn’t really see them on my wall) but bright enough to do my makeup. However, I still did not find lights bright enough. Since I didn’t want a really cheap bathroom mirror with lights, I decided to go for the not original mirror lights at all. Well, I haven’t bought them just yet since I’m still doubting. But I think these lights are the easiest to work with and give me the bright light I want so these lights are on my wishlist.

That’s it for this month! What’s on your wishlist?

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

3 thoughts on “What’s on my wishlist? | December 2018

  1. I am sooo into rose gold! My IPhone is rose gold, and I just ordered a watch, cocktail ring and tote bag from Box of Style, a monthly subscription service of goodies, that is also rose gold! I just can’t seem to get enough of it, lol.

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