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I decided this was the month I would do a ‘no-buy’ makeup month, so I could save up some money and I just don’t really need new makeup. But then all of a sudden so many new products got revealed and guess what? They all launch in August lol. So I guess I’m postponing my ‘no-buy’ month for a while… In today’s blog post I’m showing you guys what’s on my wishlist in August 2019. 

I’m so here for brands coming out with new products and I always look forward to trying new products. This month I have several products that are on my wishlist so I can try them out and review them. 

What’s on my wishlist in August 2019?

What's on my wishlist? August 2019

Kylie Cosmetics Birthday 2019 Collection

What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection 2019

I think most of you all already expected this on my wishlist lol. I love Kylie’s Birthday Collection’s since she Always does a little extra for her birthday. This time, she really went all in. She’s launching 5 new products in this collection! We are going to see a black liquid eyeliner, 3 jelly highlighters, a body glow highlighter, a face primer, and a luminous face powder. Besides these new products, this collection also contains a velvet Kylie Lip Kit, 3 matte lipsticks, 2 Eye Glazes, a High Gloss and an Eyeshadow Palette.

This Birthday’s Collection theme is Money and the packaging looks amazing. Kylie really did an amazing job and I’m planning on getting the whole bundle (help, I’m going to be broke lol).  Kylie if you happen to see this, I would love to be on your PR List.  

This collection launches on August 10th. 

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation & Eyeliner

What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Foundation and Liquid Liner
What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Foundation and Liquid Liner

Both the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Foundation and the Liquid Liner are on my wishlist. I’m following Norvina (daughter of Anastasia and also working for ABH) and she has been talking about these products for a while now. I trust her so I expect high-quality products. I don’t think I ever tried a dewy foundation so I’m very into this and I also think the shade range is very good. They’re 50 shades and I think a lot of people will find a matching shade. The liquid liner is something I really want to try too since I pretty much Always wear eyeliner. They look easy to apply and very black, which I like. 

Oh and Anastasia Beverly Hills is also launching setting powders and I would like to try these too, but I have a lot of setting powders I need to finish first lol. 

Fenty Beauty Dewy Foundation

What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Fenty Beauty Hydrating Foundation

I think it is dewy foundation time since Fenty Beauty is also launching Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation. The Pro Filt’r Matte foundation wasn’t really my favorite foundation so I’m excited to try this one and see if I like the formula more. The packaging looks simple and clean, moreover also very nice to travel with. I really want to give this foundation a try, but I think I’m going to try the ABH foundation first. 

Sigma Beauty Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Sigma Beauty Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette

The moment I saw this Sigma Beauty eyeshadow palette and the swatches, I immediately fell in love. I really like the shades in this and I think it’s perfect for icy looks and I like it. The tones in this palette are right up in my alley so I really want to try this one out. It’s going to be my first time buying Sigma Beauty makeup (I do own their brushes though) and I’m very excited to see if their makeup is just as good as their brushes (or even better?). 

Colourpop Strawberry Collection

What's on my wishlist? August 2019 | Colourpop Cosmetics Strawberry Collection

Colourpop really is launching so many products and I want all of them. This collection is so cute! I love the eyeshadow palette so much and also the blushes, the lippies and well just everything. This collection already launched and I didn’t buy it yet but I’m not sure how long I can contain myself. Look how cute this collection looks?! 

What’s on your wishlist in August? 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 8.6.19

    Haha I love that you moved the no-buy month to next month. These collections look soooo good, can imagine why you want to buy it allll.

  2. 8.6.19

    In terms of new things, the ABH x Jackie Aina Palette is at the top of the list for me… along with the new Carli Bybel x Il Makiage Red Lip Bundle, the UD foundation and the ABH foundation. But as a whole, my wish list is mainly older releases….like a lot from Laura Mercier at the moment. Still holding strong with the No Buy though. 🙂

    • 8.7.19

      Love your wishlist! And I’m proud of you for keeping up the no buy, it’s always so hard for me lol.

  3. 8.10.19
    sarahsarsby said:

    I LOVE your new blog theme, it looks so chic and sophisticated – great work! Also, all of these products are now going to get transferred to my beauty wish list lol, you have great taste! xx