What’s On My Wishlist in July 2019 | Makeup Wishlist

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Another month, which means new launches and products. I really like summer collections and so this is the perfect time for me to spy some nice new makeup. I have a couple of products which are pretty high on my wishlist and so I’m going to share what’s on my wishlist for July 2019. 

Summer is my favorite season and I think this makes me even more excited about summer launches. But as you all know by now, I’m always excited for makeup launches lol. This month I’m most excited about a couple of products. Let’s see what’s on my wishlist! 

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What’s on my Wishlist?

What's On My Makeup Wishlist? | July 2019

KKW Beauty Body Shimmer + Brush

First, I was a bit against the Body Foundation, to be honest. Felt like we went a little bit too far with covering ourselves with makeup. But after realizing people with skin diseases would love to cover it up once in a while, I feel like it’s an innovative idea. However, I don’t think I’ll be buying one of those. But on the other hand, the Body Shimmer and Brush are on my wishlist!  Especially the brush looks amazing. I missed out on the first launch and the products are sold out right now (when I’m writing this blog post) but I’ll be getting some when KKW Beauty will restock these products. 

Colourpop California Love Palette

What's On My Wishlist in July 2019 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone
Photo from Colourpop

This palette is so pretty! I love neutral tones and Colourpop’s formula is really good too, plus very affordable. The tones in the palette aren’t really special, but these are exactly the colors I like most. Except the musterd yellow shade, I don’t really like that one. But all the other shades are my favorite tones. I just have to get it lol. 

Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection

What's On My Wishlist in July 2019 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone
Photo from Snobette

My favorite brand Kylie Cosmetics is coming out with a Summer Collection for 2019. It’s ocean themed and it’s giving me The Little Mermaid vibes! The packaging is so cute with those bubbles, shells, and starfishes. I really want the Lip Blushes and Eye Glaze since both of these are new formulas. I probably end up buying lipstick and the palette as well. Maybe I end up buying everything… You never know with me and a good Kylie Cosmetics launch lol.

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette

What's On My Wishlist in July 2019 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone
Photo from Revolution Beauty

Last but definitely not least, is this Revolution Pro palette. I fell in love the moment I saw this beauty. Just like Colourpop, Revolution Pro is very affordable too. I love the variety of shades and formulas in this palette! Moreover, I also do love some of the lipsticks that also launched with this palette. But the palette has my heart and I’ll be going to get this for sure.

What’s on you wishlist this month? 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 8.3.19

    Have you started testing out the Kylie Summer Collection yet? I’ve only swatched things, but I love the colors of the lippies so far. I’m very tempted by some of her Birthday Collection goodies, too, but I’m trying to be really good about sticking to my No-Buy this August. The Orange & Strawberry CP palettes are also on my wish list, along with the new UD foundation / concealer and the Fenty Foundation / Concealer.

    • 8.3.19

      I just tested the Kylie Summer Collection for the first time today and I’m actually in love with the Eye Glaze ? moreover I do really like the Lip Blush! I’m definitely going to buy the whole Birthday Collection.. I’ve accepted the fact I’ll be broke for a while ? the CP Strawberry palette is on my wishlist too, but I try to wait a while with that one. The UD, Fenty and ABH foundations are all so tempting to me! I want to try them all but I’m trying not to loose my mind lol.

      • 8.4.19

        I’ve decided that until I finish or declutter another foundation (spoiler: I did finish one this month), I need to hold off on buying anything new. Even though I do work through foundations, I don’t want to buy so many that they go bad on me!