What’s on my wishlist? | November 2018

It’s already November! Time goes by so fast, I can’t! It’s unbelievable that Christmas is around the corner. However, I’m totally ready to get in the Holiday spirit with all these amazing Holiday collections launching already! Let’s discuss what’s on my wishlist this month.

When I was younger, November was my least favorite month. October is my birthday month and December is a magical month, but November was nothing to me. The last couple of years I’ve been enjoying November more. The biggest reason probably is make-up launches haha. Since brands start revealing/selling their Holiday collections in November already, I’m in the Christmas mood earlier now. Moreover, I can’t wait for Black Friday!

Before we really go into the Holiday spirit, I have some products on my wishlist which have nothing to do with Christmas yet. I’m going to discuss these first and then we dive into the Holiday spirit!

Kylie Cosmetics Glosses

The first products on my wishlist are all of the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses which are launches very soon. When Kylie launched the first two High Glosses, I was in love and of course, I need more! So I’m glad she’ll be launching more glosses soon. The moment I’m writing this blog post, she hasn’t revealed swatches but she did reveal the colors. All I can say is that the look very beautiful and I kinda want them all to be honest! I can’t wait for the swatches.

Kylie Cosmetics Todd Kraines Lip Kit

As a surprise, Kylie launched a new Lip Kit ‘Todd Kraines’ for her mom’s birthday. She’s also bringing the Kris Kollection bundle back, now including this new nude velvet Lip Kit. Kylie’s velvet formula is my favorite and you all know I love nude lipsticks! I really like this shade and I would love to get this one. If it doesn’t sell out very fast, I’m probably going to order this when I’m ordering the glosses lol.

Colourpop Brown Sugar Collection

As always, the Colourpop collections are amazing. The Brown Sugar collection is really looking good. Moreover, it’s going to look amazing on WOC! Colourpop is always trying to include every skin tone so I think this collection is going to look great on everyone. The palette is really catching my attention and is on my wishlist. Just like the Gel liners. The glosses look very pretty too!

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy highlighter

When this highlighter launched I wasn’t able to get it and I was forever sad when I saw all the swatches and looks with it. BUT ABH and Amrezy announced that it’s coming back! I couldn’t be happier! So this time around, I’m going to try everything I can to get it. The highlighter is so pretty and so blinding as well. It’s been on my wishlist for months and I really hoped it would come back. When it’s coming back isn’t sure yet (I saw December I guess?) but it’s probably just in time for the Holidays!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Collection

It’s finally time to talk about Holiday Collections! Jeffree Star revealed his Holiday collection and it’s super weird, funny and original! He’s coming out with an Alien palette and a matching Holiday collection. First of all, I’m not sure if this is really something for me but on the other side, I do really like the colors in the eyeshadow palette, the liquid lipstick ‘Can’t Relate’ and Lip Ammunitions in the shade ‘Alien Tears’ and ‘Beam Me Up.’ The packaging is very pretty as well! I might still end up ordering some things haha.

Morphe Brushes Holiday Brush Set

Morphe also came out with a Holiday Collection and that included a brush set with 20 brushes and I really like the set! The brushes look very luxurious and I really would like to have them. I’ve been looking for new brushes for a while now and haven’t found anything I really wanted yet, but these brushes might end up being the one!

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection

We all know this collection is coming, but we don’t know when and how it looks like yet. I still wanted to include this collection in my wishlist because I already know I’m going to end up buying at least something. I’m very curious how the collection is going to look like, which colors, what products etc. I really can’t wait any longer! Kylie’s Birthday Collections and Holiday Collections are my favorite collections of the year!

What’s on your wishlist this month? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone



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