What’s On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist

It’s a new month, which means a new wishlist for October! To be honest is this a little weird time because some brands are already selling Holiday products, while other brands are releasing fall themed products but either way, I love it all! Let’s see what’s on my wishlist for this month.

First of all, some of these products are already available right now but they’re still on my wishlist so that’s why I’ll still talk about them. Second, I’m pretty much overwhelmed with everything launching right now haha. I feel like it’s palette season or something, so many new palettes that I really love and want! But there’s so much more and I’m excited!

I’m trying to save up for Black Friday sales but I’m not sure if I can with all these awesome launches haha. I’m curious how you guys are handling all these launches? Do you have some products on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Here is my wishlist for the month of October:

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sultry Palette

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

I pretty much decided to buy the palette for the packaging alone already haha, but thankfully the inside is super pretty as well. To be honest, I expected something more special from ABH for the Holidays but I love how this palette contains more cool tone shades. As you all might know, I love neutral shades and most of the palettes I own are warm toned so I would love to add a cool toned palette to my collection. Moreover, the packaging is absolutely stunning and very Christmas/Holiday alike so I really like that. This palette is already for sale but I’m waiting a little while before I’m buying the palette since I have so many palettes coming for me already. However, this palette is going to be mine!

Colourpop x Disney collection

This collection is also available already and I also bought some of the products actually. I’m so excited that Colourpop did a collab with Disney! Since it’s my childhood and I still love Disney very much, I had to get some items of this collection! I bought the palette, 1 lipgloss named Boo and the lipsticks Belle and Ariel. Belle is definitely my favorite princess so I had to get that lipstick haha. However, I also wanted to buy the highlighters but they both sold out before I could check out so I wasn’t able to get them. I mean, I’m actually sad I wasn’t able to get them yet. But Colourpop will be doing a restock on everything so that’s why I still have this collection on my wishlist because I’m giving my all to get the highlighters this time haha. Anyway, I can’t wait to receive the other products I already bought!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip liners – Celebrity Skin and Mannequin

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

I saw Jeffree Star swatching these on his Instagram and I was shocked. The pigment looked insane and it even stayed on when he swiped over it. The brand is really extrovert and outgoing, which is super nice for people who like more ‘weird’ colors. That’s why I don’t fully fit into the brand, but thankfully they also have some more nude colors and colors I also like to wear. Two shades I would really want to try are Celebrity Skin and Mannequin. They both look very pretty and I think they’ll last the whole day so I can’t wait to try them in the future.

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy – Friendcation Palette

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

I’ve never tried products from Dose of Colors before but I was always tempted. Now I saw this palette I really wanted to try it. I haven’t ordered it yet because the palette is pretty similar to the Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods collection and I already bought that one. So I’m still doubting if I should buy this palette as well, or not. Even though I’m doubting, I do think this palette is stunning. The metallics shades look really gorgeous!

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint – Uncuffed and Unbutton

I haven’t tried Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint yet, because I’m not wearing red lipstick and until now there only was a red version of the Stunna Lip Paint. Surprisingly, Fenty Beauty is finally dropping more shades! I’m a nude lover and both these shades caught my eye. I’m really curious to try the Stunna Lip Paint since I’m loving the Gloss Bomb. Both the Uncuffed and Unbotton Lip Paints are high on my wishlist. Moreover, I really like how Rihanna named all the Stunna Lip Paints starting with ‘ Un…’  I think that’s cute and original. The packaging looks very luxurious, something you wouldn’t want to put in a drawer because you want to look at it every day.

NARS – Climax Mascara

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

I think this mascara is out for a while now (probably in August?) but I feel like everyone is very positive about it and I really want to try this mascara. I just bought a new one so it’s probably gonna take a while before I buy this but it’s definitely on my wishlist. Moreover, I think the color is very pretty, just like the tube itself. Also, the brush looks good. I’m not really quick in changing my mascara so it’s a step for me to try a new one, haha but I’m excited about the Nars one. It’ll be my first Nars product ever. I’ve been wanting products from the brand as long as I can remember and every time I want to buy something, the products I want are ALWAYS sold out. It’s just not meant to be I guess haha. However, this mascara will be mine!

Kylie Cosmetics – Extended Palettes Burgundy and Peach

Kylie Cosmetics already released the Bronze Extended palette a while back and since then it’s on my wishlist. I haven’t bought it yet since I already own a normal Bronze palette. However, Kylie teased 2 new extended palettes: a Burgundy one and a Peach one. I didn’t even see the inside and I’m already excited. The Burgundy palette is already one of her palettes I really like and I think the Peach palette can really have an upgrade so I’m curious how these will look! To be honest, I hope Kylie Cosmetics will have a Black Friday sale so I can get them with a discount haha.

Urban Decay – Naked Cherry Palette

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

Urban Decay Naked palettes are super pretty. Actually, I like all of them but sadly I own only 2 yet (UD Naked 2 and Naked Petite Heat). When I saw this palette I was in love. I’m really into pink eyeshadow lately and this is exactly my weakness right now. This palette is definitely on my wishlist and I hope I’ll be able to buy it in the future. I don’t think this one is limited edition though, so I can wait a little while and save money before buying it haha.

Charlotte Tilbury – Stars In Your Eyes palette

What's On My Wishlist in October 2018 | Makeup Wishlist ⋆ Beautymone

Last but not least, Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes eyeshadow palette. As you can see, another pinkish/berry toned palette. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m loving these shades lately haha. Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I don’t own yet but I keep looking at their products because it’s so pretty. This palette is actually gorgeous and I like how they’ve made like 4 different looks with 3 different shadows each. I think that’s a nice idea and for people with not so much inspiration, it’s very easy to make nice looks. However, you can still mix and match the shades you want too. I really like this palette and I really want to try some products anytime soon actually.

That’s it for this month! It became a huge wishlist I see haha. Brands are really coming out with a lot of gorgeous products. I’m still a little overwhelmed but at the same time, I really love seeing so much new makeup.

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone

See you next time loves!

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