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  1. I’ve never tried Sigma brushes because they weren’t easy to find in Italy back when I was investing in brushes (now they are in sephora), I use Zoeva and Real Techniques but I want to get some new ones for my eyes so I’ll check these out

  2. I have a few of these brushes but my E40 has been used the most by far! The name is starting to wear off of the handle but the brush itself hasn’t lost its quality and I’ve owned this (and used everyday) for 5 years! They are some of the best brushes on the market! Great post ☺️

  3. I’ve only got one Sigma eyeliner brush and I love it. I’d love to get more but I just don’t need any new brushes at the moment. I don’t completely agree with you about Morphe brushes. I really like mine and think they’re great quality and do a really good job. Mine definitely haven’t broken and they look brand new after I’ve washed them, and I’ve had them for ages! However, I know Sigma is a really good brand and I’d love to try some more of their brushes in the future!

  4. Sigma Brushes are some of my favorites – the E40 is such a classic brush. Also, I really like Luxie brushes and I’m currently testing out the CP brushes that I purchased during the $5.00 brush sale LOL (I couldn’t resist). The brush cleansing device looks super cool, too!

    1. I’ve never tried Luxie brushes so I need to look into them! I have a couple of Colourpop brushes as well but I’m not reaching for them a lot, to be honest. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them though!

  5. I don’t have any sigma brushes of my own… but I’ve worked with make up artists who swear by this brand and their brushes! That magic scrub looks really awesome!

  6. My makeup brush collection is huge, but its 99% drugstores. I do have one set of Sigma brushes that I redeemed with points from my job. It’s more of a beginners set. A few of the brushes I really like, but some I never use like the flat foundation brush. Who uses those things anyway?! The brushes you have are much different and look like ones I would really like to try over the ones that I have.

    xoxo Amanda | http://www.theaestheticedge.com

  7. Absolutely loved this post!! I love Sigma brushes!! I used to use Mac and would always have the bristles left on my face and it was so annoying. They would also stain as well and for a brush at that price I did not appreciate it. Once I stumbled on Sigma brushes I refuse to use anything else now. You nailed it about the price point and the quality. They are just so good so I understand the urgency of this post lol!

    1. I had the exact same thing with my MAC brushes! Even though I liked the performance of MAC brushes, I hated the staining and the little bristles everywhere. Sigma brushes are just top-notch quality, I love them!

  8. I’ve had my Sigma brushes for so long! I must have brought them in 2014 if not before and they are still going strong, just about to buy some extra brushes so I can use them at work, struggling to put make up on at 4.30am, so going to take it to work and do it there instead, hopefully I will be awake enough by 7am! I don’t know if I can trust any other make, these brushes made such a difference, great to use and clean up so well.