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Beautymone is the trusted source to help you find the best beauty products. Our goal is to support you in creating beauty routines – containing the right products, techniques, ingredients, and formulas – that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Finding products your skin loves and makeup looks you enjoy wearing is all part of the process, and we love to help you during this journey!

If you’re wondering what Beautymone stands for, it’s a mashup of Beauty by Simone. Most of my friends and family call me Simoon or Moon – in Dutch, that sounds like how English people pronounce the ‘mone’ of Simone.

About Simone And Beautymone

About Simone de Vlaming

Owner + Founder

I’m Simone de Vlaming, and I’m the founder of Beautymone. I’m a beauty expert and passionate about all things makeup, skincare, bodycare, haircare, fragrances and nails. I’ve tested hundreds of products and have given helpful advice since 2016 (starting on Twitter!). Moreover, I’m a trusted beauty reviewer at StyleCraze and MomJunction.

I’m a 20-something Dutch woman who is dog-obsessed, a huge Justin Bieber fan since 2009, loves the USA, and has the cutest dog child, Bailey, a Shih Tzu. I’m a Scorpio, and I love to play The Sims in my free time.

I started Beautymone in 2018 because I was obsessed with beauty and wanted to share my thoughts with other beauty enthusiasts. During my studies, I had a part-time job as a Beauty Advisor in a retail store. After graduating from HR, I started looking for an HR job where I worked until I could do this full-time!

a few of my favorite things

birth chart

☉ Scorpio, ☾ Gemini, ↑ Aquarius

I’d spend all my money on

Makeup, obviously

Couldn’t live without

My dog Bailey

Favorite destination

New York City, United States

My happy place

If not at home, it’s at a Justin Bieber concert

Favorite Color

Soft pinks

On repeat

Justin Bieber

Currently Binging

The Kardashians

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Simone de Vlaming, CEO of Beautymone
Email: contact@beautymone.com
KvK: 78112044

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