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I’m Simone, the sole force behind Beautymone; I’ve poured my heart into articles, reviews, and recommendations that resonate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for all things beauty.

If you’re a journalist or digital publisher looking for an authentic voice in the beauty industry, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find a collection of my recommendations that have garnered recognition and have been featured. These mentions show my commitment to providing reliable and engaging beauty content.

Featured In

  • Bustle: Beauty Experts Say These Cheap Products Actually Work So Freakin’ Well.
  • MIC: 35 hair & skin care mistakes you don’t realize you’re making, according to experts.
  • HelloGiggles: 37 Things You Might Not Know Are Good For Your Skin.
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  • Glam: Does A Lower UV Index Make For A Safer Tan? Here Are The Facts.
  • Glam: Makes To Avoid When Overlining Your Lips To Capture A Natural Look.
  • No-Makeup Makeup: 5 trucos para lograr un look más natural.
  • All Woman Talk: 164 Best Blue Nails.

I’m also an active and trusted Beauty Reviewer for StyleCraze and MomJunction, where I review the written beauty content and provide feedback as well as give helpful tips and tricks with my expertise.

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I’m always open to collaboration and sharing my insights with a broader audience. Whether you’d like to interview me, feature my beauty expertise, or explore potential partnerships, I’m eager to connect and make your next beauty story come to life.

Beautymone is a one-woman endeavor, but it’s supported by a vibrant community of readers.

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